What did we get Mercer for her second birthday you may ask...? Doctors appointments of course.
Don't worry, she also got presents she didn't need.

The Monday following her birthday, Mercer got to attend her first dentist appointment...with her mom's childhood dentist! The visit went about as poorly as I anticipated with M wanting nothing to do with anything. To sum it up, at one point, her hygienist said "If you let me look at your teeth, you get to pick a prize out of the prize drawer!"  Mercer's response... (volume 10 out of 10) "NO PRIZE! NO PRIZE!" 

Of course she was all smiles afterwards with her balloon and new bag full of goodies she refuses to use. 

Instead of giving the poor birthday girl a break, we dove right into her 2 year checkup the following day (sue me). 

She is sitting pretty in the 50th percentile all around and we are beyond blessed for a good report on her health. 

Girlfriend loves a post weigh in snack. 



We had the amazingly talented, Lori Wilson Charles return for Mercer's two year photos.  Not only is it always a blast to catch up with her but she is fabulous a what she does! 

Here are a few of my favorites from our session: 



Mercer Kelly is TWO
I am having all of the emotions. 

Happiest of birthdays to the light of our lives! 



After taking the photos from my previous post, we set about running our errands (sans bow...sigh). I snapped these pictures of M while out and about and was shocked to look back and feel I am staring at a girl all of the sudden in place of my baby. Two is right around the corner for this sweet one! 



I am really attempting to be better about taking the time to get out my camera and take pictures of Mercer (the iPhone is just so dang easy and convenient).  When I do, I am often rewarded with some great pictures of our girl to cherish.  I snapped the photos below this weekend before we headed out to run some errands.  

As I was looking through these, I was struck with a case of deja vu...

Oh time, you are the ultimate thief. 
Baby Mercer, you are too much. 



Happy Shark Week! 
Parnell and I were among the countless souls watching Michael Phelps race a computer generated Great White shark Sunday night. I'm not gonna lie, I still found it to be intense.  The fact that he was in the actual shark infested ocean was enough for me. 

Wendy helped M get in the spirit this year with an oh so adorable shark outfit. 



I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!  
We split our time between the lake and Dallas for festivities. 

I am so thankful to be an American and for this little family of mine. 

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