Happy Amanda Knox being interviewed by Diane Sawyer Day! 

I will admit I was a little slow to jump on the Amanda Knox train, but once I got on it I could not get off.  I was so obsessed with this case and KAHNT WAIT to watch this interview.  I also want to get her book/force our book club "Drinking Club with a Reading Problem" to select it.  Obviously we can have the club meeting somewhere with Italian food #themesarecool.

I think there is a large possibility Amanda Knox was there the night of the murder but I don't believe she killed Meredith Kercher...don't agree?  Start a blog and tell people about it.

I will say my level of compassion for Amanda peaked when Lifetime cast Hayden Panettiere to play her.  Talk about adding insult to was already sucking enough Lifetime you didn't have to go and do her like that.

Hayden Panettiere is on my erase list.  I don't know where this stemmed from but I feel this emotion is here to stay.

On a sweeter note, my cousin's babe William turns 3 today!
Such a puffin-I could eat him.

Also in the news: BIG night tonight for our friend Natalie. She is having a trunk show at Gemma Collection to show off all her new gems.  Natalie sent me the most amazeball earrings for my birthday last year.


October 22nd Nat, October 22nd...just saying.


This weekend was all about Wendy (birthday weekend) which I love because Wendy is all about being low key and relaxed which works well in my favor #selfish.  Friday we had some Mexi and margs while the Kahn men anxiously checked phones, twitter, internet, TV, etc for draft updates.  The draft always falls on Wendy's birthday and she LOVES it (sarcasm font).  I for one don't really get it, like...just google it later and see where everyone  One year, Jenn convinced me it would be fun to join her fantasy football draft.  I was assigned the #1 pick, could not figure out for the life of me how to make a selection on the website, caused some major delays and got a lot of texts and chats online about what the F I was doing and when I was going to make a selection.  Needless to say, during the draft I consumed an entire bottle of wine, got sweaty, and had a liiiiittle baby anxiety attack.  I then called Chase, gave him my password, and begged him to take over my team. I will absolutely pass if ever asked again.

Saturday, Chase and I woke up and went for a jog around the hood before the entire fam went to catch the movie Mud.

I didn't DISLIKE it...but I will never see it again.  The main little kid in the movie (Ellis) was so presh I could just hug him all day ok (assuming any character in that movie ever had the opportunity to shower).  Reese Witherspoon did nothing for this movie except get drunk at the premiere and later arrested.  For those of you that know me well and don't trust my taste in movies (whatever Pitch Perfect is amazing and you KNOW IT) then go see it, the rest of the Kahn clan was super into it.

After the movie, we headed over to Company Cafe for lunch.  I had only been for dinner so was super anx about what to order on the lunch menu.  I settled on fish tacos (deh) and was NOT sad about it.  They were super legit and I will be returning for them.  Parnell will not eat here with me because "they don't have normal food".  Cauliflower mash is not his thing.  Well...I saw regular, non sweet potato fries with my own eyes on can't wait to force him to return.

Saturday night consisted of a za, wine, and Society Bakery cupcakes (oops) trio.  I had bites of all the flavors but hoarded the Vanilla Salted Caramel...that one was special.  It literally had a pocket of caramel and salt in the middle...I'm getting all fat and drooly just typing about it.

I hope everyone has a lovely Monday (oxymoron)...


Every time I write "TGIF", it makes me think of Friday's which makes me think of gross food (TEAM CHILIS) but happy Friday.
Work was delightfully chaotic this week and flew by.  Between the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center (shout out Jenna for that post baby bod) and lots of upcoming May events, there was very little downtime.  Through it all, I managed to accomplish something major: I am caught up on my DVR #priorities.  I even watched Glee last night which I have been averaging about 2 episodes behind lately.  Can someone please cancel this?  I have been with it from day one the Sunday in Dallas when Tamara and I watched all of season 1 in one sitting aside from a few bathroom breaks, so i can't NOT watch it but I no longer want to. I would rather Ryan Murphy focus all of his attention on American Horror Story ok (back to the house for season 3 please asylums bore me).

This weekend, well tomorrow, is Wendy's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Trust me, Wendy will appreciate this picture of a cake I will never bake instead of a picture of the two of us. I want a cake ball...for breakfast.

Have a great weekend kids!


Last night we celebrated Jenn's birthday at Villa O, conveniently on half price wine night.  If you happen to venture there this evening be warned that they are most likely out of Kris Pinot Noir...sorry we're not sorry.   Emily was a sweet little dear and brought a balloon for the table.  Said balloon was having some major issues and our waiter offered to work his magic to revive it.

Before Emily explained this, I thought she magically went out and found the only balloon in Dallas being held sturdy by a jar of raw noodles and salt.  She was about to get SO many points for time.

I was thisclose to bringing my big girl camera to dinner but I wanted to look cooler than I am so I left it at home and settled for the good ole iPhone (4S...sue me you 5ers, sue me).

Next time you break your leg, be sure to eat at Villa O.  Sara and Celia are both on crutches and the staff was so into accomodating them.  They were not into bringing Whitney the carb loader more bread, but MAN they were into crutch assistance.  Instead of having them go through the revolving entrance door, they opened up a different super special side door for them to enter.  I for one, would have liked to see the revolving door attempt #justsaying.

I have never seen crutches stacked with such love and care ok.

Jenn was gifted some fab items, some with cards, some without, and one with this:

Emily also got back to her creative roots and what she does best, face in the hole.

We are all aware that I enjoy photographing food.  Yes, I am one of THOSE people.  Some people love kissy faces and selfies which make my skin crawl, so you be you and I'll be me.

The waiter brought out a piece of cake for the birthday girl...and a tequilla an Italian restaurant.  I missed getting a picture of the shot because I was going hard on that chocolate cake, judge away. 

After cake and tequilla, it was time to have our waiter take a group shot.  I could not be more pleased that we went with the "everyone stand up" shot opposed to the "look down this super long awkward table and the front 2 people are screwed because this angle flatters no one" shot (note-I would NOT have been one of those two people, I am just that sweet and concerned for others).

I am going to leave you with a sweet little gem from Emily's initial face in the hole YOU'RE WELCOME.


I have already confessed to you that I oddly enjoy some prison/inmate research, news stories, and articles.  I am also a super fan of documentaries...mostly depressing ones.  My love of documentaries started back in the day with The Blair Witch Project (I kid...I know that isn't real but I still avoid wooded areas like the plague #bettersafethansorry).  Chase (brother), the "artsy" "smarter" Kahn child (I have street smarts?) has introduced me to many a documentary over time.  For instance, we went to see The Cove. 

Yall...I can't.  Swimming with dolphins used to look so cute and fun...until I saw this. Did you know Flipper committed suicide? YES.  Dolphins (depressed ones) do that.  They hold their breath and drown themselves. This is why I change the channel at turbo speed anytime I pass Animal  It hurts my heart too much.  When Wendy (mom) and I went to Hawaii a few years back, there was a documentary for the in flight "movie" about a mother bear and her two cubs trying to survive in this tough cruel world.  While I was awake, it was all fun and games and tongue baths.  I fell asleep (naturally) and woke up to find Wendy a full on combination of depressed and pissed.  "THE MOM DIED AND THE CUBS ARE ALONE AND PROBABLY CAN'T SURVIVE AND I JUST HAD TO SIT HERE AND WATCH IT!"  Amen Wendy...AMEN.

Chase also introduced me to Exit Through The Gift Shop.  What I got from this was that if I ever need some cash on the side ( just go out and slab some stuff on a canvas, ask way too much for it, and...BOOM art career. 

While I was on an art kick, Natalie suggested I watch Marina Abramovic.

I'm not going to lie, I felt SUPER artistic watching this.  I didn't get it...but I nodded alot in my living room like this all made sense to me and I saw her vision.  Basically Marina has been a performance artist for a long time and opened this new exhibit where you wait in line like she is the latest model of iPhone and then stare into her eyes as long as you want.  You should see the tears happening ok.  People LOST it.  I on the other hand was just wondering when she was using the bathroom and how uncomfortable that must be.  Her chair like has a toilet built in because the chick does NOT move...all day.  Baffling.  Thank you Natalie.

Natalie also recommended Paradise Lost.  3 possibly innocent men in prison? One on death row? You know I was in.

One thing you should know about me, my bedtime: its early.  If I start a movie at night I can guarantee it will take me a solid three evenings to finish.  This was a three part documentary aka about 3 weeks worth of watching for me.  Parnell was interested/a fabulous sport because he continued to watch them with me nightly.  He now claims to be an expert on the case because he finished them each night and then started back from my spot (about 25 minutes in) the following evening...over...and over.  Please see him with any questions and or comments.  This was such an interesting, who done it case.  My money is on the stepdad #justsaying.

This brings me to the documentary Parnell and I watched last night.  1) This story is super bizarre and depressing 2) I stayed awake...I was THAT interested.

I read about this story on my one and only source for news Daily Mail.  A "fabulous" and "loving" mother/aunt killed her child, 3 nieces, and 3 passengers in another car driving the wrong way on a highway at high speeds coming home from a camping trip.  Her autopsy revealed high levels of THC as well as a high blood alcohol level.  Her family stands by the statement that there is no way this information is correct because "she would never do that."  Watch it-decide for yourself.  Her family may or may not/DID incriminate her by admitting she smoked pot on the semi reg...I feel confident typing that.  It's hard to have a plot spoiler when it's real life right?

Any documentaries you can recommend?  I collect them like candy these days so give me a shout...


A special shout out to my friend and neighbor Jenn!  Tonight we are celebrating her birthday at Villa O...NOT sad about it. Pasta in my face.


Now that all of my Napa/San Francisco pictures are posted, I am back to having pretty much nothing cool to blog about (I warned you this would happen).   I started off my day by having a cup of coffee (reversing my 30 minutes of white strips last night) and reading my new issue of "The Key" and by reading, I mean looking at the pictures.

I then put down my coffee long enough to submit our Napa picture...if we don't get in there is no justice in this world.  I phrased it as a "girls trip" and left out any mention of "bachelorette" to come across much more Kappa Klassy...I'm not holding my breath. Most pictures involve helping Uganda or volunteering. 

I had a CRAZY night last night.  Parnell was at the lake and I was at home catching up on my DVR (Real Housewives of OC, 90210 ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT, Big Rich Atlanta) you know...the stuff that matters.  I popped in a Lean Cuisine to "be good" and then had a glass of wine...once I had a glass of wine it was game over.  I dove into the cookie from my work lunch yesterday.

Mr. Hunt speaks in dictation...get it? Anyway, I took one bite after my glass of wine in the hopes that it would be gross and I could bury the thought.  NOPE. It was NOT gross.  Insert sigh here. Needless to say I had extra motivation to attend my spin class this morning.  Little did I know, all the motivation I would need was 45 minutes of Whitney Houston remixes and the lights out.  Up in the clerrrrb at 6:00am.


I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Mine was spent laying low and being productive, that was, until Sunday.  Parnell, Boo, Mitch, and I decided to go all round two on the best day of Mitch's life.  We cut out the shopping since Mitch sent photographic evidence that he did in fact return for the pillow as instructed.  

After a quick run around the neighborhood to Icana Pop "I Love It" and Justin Timberlake "Mirrors" on repeat (WAY better than "Suit and Tie"...WAY better) it was off to Sams Club and Home Depot for Whitney and Parnell before brunch. After coming away with some major scores (think Crest White Strips and paper towels) it was time to meet at The Nodding Donkey aka my new favorite brunch spot.
The friends that park together stay together.

Parnell, Boo, and I arrived first and had a few drinks waiting on our favorite little princess Mitch.  When he finally arrived he could NOT wipe the smile off his face.  He could have been being polite to someone on the sidewalk but I feel like it was because he knew he was about to see us.  I might have seen like A skip...maybe I imagined it. 

Once everyone got settled in with a fresh round of mimosas it was time to chat about ordering.  Mitch suggested that we all split an order of Bananas Foster  1) I HATE HATE 2) I cannot think of a more awkward thing to share as an appetizer.  Solution? Mitch ordered 2 meals.  In addition to the Bananas Foster Pancakes, Mitch ordered this new thing they have there called a "Spinosh Tortilla" as he pronounced it about 5 times.  We finally had to see for ourselves what this "Spinosh Tortilla" was all about.

"Mitch-do you mean SPANISH????"
Mitch: "No one here went out as hard as I did last night!"

The rest of the table ordered very normal and pronounceable items. 

Apparently the Bananas Foster Pancakes were special and beat out the SPANISH Tortilla.  I tried a TINY corner of the pancakes because they looked so good...and it was like a banana slapped my tongue.  Anothankyou.

After Nodding Donkey, we decided to keep the mimosas flowing and move on back to the Parnell Whitney casa per Sunday usual.  While Mitch took FOREVER to come over, Boo and I had a relaxing afternoon of our face.

I can' relaxing.

Mitch FINALLY arrived and THANK THE LORD he did.  As we sat around doing what we do best (nothing) Mitch suggested we go to Noodle Wave for dinner. Mitch described it as "really good" blah blah blah "great food" blah blah "BYOB"...wait what? SOLD.  

Noodle Wave is in Richardson about 2 minutes from my high school (RHS the Best).  As some of you know this isn't exactly the most glamorous part of town.  I thought the utility vehicle and ladder posted up in front of Noodle Wave was perfection. 

We had one bottle of wine with us but lets get real...we needed two.  Boo and I walked door to door in the shopping center in search of wine while the boys grabbed a table.  We found cheap haircuts, a nail salon, and some baklava.  We finally settled for white at the gas station even though we both wanted red.


We may or may not have a pair of these "looks like Tory Burch designed them" chop sticks in Parnell's car.  I'm not sure Parnell was quite feeling it, but Boo and I can't wait to invite ourselves back with Mitch to Noodle Wave.  I'll check my phone here in a minute to make sure Mitch doesn't want me to meet him for lunch today.


We were able to have an oh so good breakfast the morning of our departure.  I have no idea what this place was called because it was a French name so goodbye, not even trying. 

I came thisclose to getting a macaroon for breakfast but didn't.  Pat on back ok...PAT ON BACK. We said goodbye to Lindsey and Alli who flew back earlier to then DRIVE back to Lufkin and Houston.  The amount of charity/bridesmaid points they received for that is unreal. After they headed to the airport the rest of us hit up H&M.  I never step foot in the Dallas H&M because it is downright stressful.  This one, on the other hand was SO organized and huge.  I bought a shirt I didn't need and before we knew it, it was our turn for the airport...tear.

Erin had been talking about this "cute little place" in the airport all weekend.  "This cute little place" this and "this cute little place" that.  We get it, it's cute.  We ended up getting checked in and through security with about an hour and half until boarding. Once we turned the corner and Erin pointed out her favorite "cute little place" I was pissed.  Had she properly explained how life changing this joint was I would have skipped H&M and gone to the airport with Lindsey and Alli.  Behold...Napa Farms Market:

It was as if EatZi's and Central Market had a super attractive baby.  You can purchase just about anything and then there is a wine bar next door where you can eat it.  I was down for having wine at 11am with our food but no one else seemed super enthusiastic so we passed and I got a water. I walked around in circles grabbing things here and there...didn't see a basket and needed one. 

We parked it in court? We will call it a food court.

Best airport experience ever.  We ALMOST got pedicures at the little spa but thought we wouldn't have enough time.  It's SO cute that we thought our plane would leave on time...SO cute.

We ended up going to Pinkberry and the candy store as of us is pregnant so it's ok...right?

After a delay at the gate and then a delay on the runway (so long I fell asleep, woke up and didn't understand why I didn't see a cloud), we were en route back to Dallas.  I watched Silver Linings Playbook on the plane and did not love it like I had dreamed I would.  I prefer Jennifer Lawrence a little more Katniss and a little more Hunger Games.

I could not have asked for a better bachelorette party/weekend in general.  A huge THANK YOU to Boo, Erin, Tamara, Lindsey, Ashley, Alli, and Sara for all they did-it was AMAZING.