After lunch, we walked around the Ferry Building and checked out the little shops.  I kid you not, if I lived there I would hit that up pretty much every weekend.  Cheese, wine, and fresh flowers? Call me.
Back to being a Kappa...we made our lovely Chi O friend take this picture in front of the Irises...HAD TO.

While we were walking toward Fisherman's Warf, I recognized this restaurant from one of my favorite TV shows (that I can only watch if Parnell and I are about to go to dinner) Diners Drive Ins and Dives.

Apparently they make a mean boiled crab and fish tacos...maybe next time.

Once we got to Fisherman's Warf, we decided to have some drinks and take some pictures...basically the theme of the entire weekend.

Yes, that is Alcatraz between our heads.
Side note, I am strangely fascinated with prisons and or prisoners.  We went on the night tour together the last time we visited-SO cool (daytime tours are for ametuers).

After we grabbed a drink, Erin informed me that the Sea Lions were just around the corner.  Ummmmm YES PLEASE. I apologize in advance for the picture overload but like...I love them.

I mean talk about amazingly awkward animals ok.  Once I turned around from taking pictures, I realized the other girls weren't quite as into them as I was.  They were standing near the pier exit giving me the "Ahhh thank goodness she is finished" look.

We left Fisherman's Warf and headed back to the hotel for lobby Happy Hour and then one of the best sushi dinners I have ever had.

Dinner was at Ozumo.  We got there and were seated at a shoes off like straight up you are a Geisha room.  This is all fun and games unless you were in tall boots with awkward socks and got a little hot on the way over...I was all of the above.

Again...Boo charged her phone...

This was Tamara and Alli's nightcap.

After one last drink it was time for bed so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day in NAPA...ahhhhh.

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