We were able to have an oh so good breakfast the morning of our departure.  I have no idea what this place was called because it was a French name so goodbye, not even trying. 

I came thisclose to getting a macaroon for breakfast but didn't.  Pat on back ok...PAT ON BACK. We said goodbye to Lindsey and Alli who flew back earlier to then DRIVE back to Lufkin and Houston.  The amount of charity/bridesmaid points they received for that is unreal. After they headed to the airport the rest of us hit up H&M.  I never step foot in the Dallas H&M because it is downright stressful.  This one, on the other hand was SO organized and huge.  I bought a shirt I didn't need and before we knew it, it was our turn for the airport...tear.

Erin had been talking about this "cute little place" in the airport all weekend.  "This cute little place" this and "this cute little place" that.  We get it, it's cute.  We ended up getting checked in and through security with about an hour and half until boarding. Once we turned the corner and Erin pointed out her favorite "cute little place" I was pissed.  Had she properly explained how life changing this joint was I would have skipped H&M and gone to the airport with Lindsey and Alli.  Behold...Napa Farms Market:

It was as if EatZi's and Central Market had a super attractive baby.  You can purchase just about anything and then there is a wine bar next door where you can eat it.  I was down for having wine at 11am with our food but no one else seemed super enthusiastic so we passed and I got a water. I walked around in circles grabbing things here and there...didn't see a basket and needed one. 

We parked it in court? We will call it a food court.

Best airport experience ever.  We ALMOST got pedicures at the little spa but thought we wouldn't have enough time.  It's SO cute that we thought our plane would leave on time...SO cute.

We ended up going to Pinkberry and the candy store as of us is pregnant so it's ok...right?

After a delay at the gate and then a delay on the runway (so long I fell asleep, woke up and didn't understand why I didn't see a cloud), we were en route back to Dallas.  I watched Silver Linings Playbook on the plane and did not love it like I had dreamed I would.  I prefer Jennifer Lawrence a little more Katniss and a little more Hunger Games.

I could not have asked for a better bachelorette party/weekend in general.  A huge THANK YOU to Boo, Erin, Tamara, Lindsey, Ashley, Alli, and Sara for all they did-it was AMAZING.

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