Now that all of my Napa/San Francisco pictures are posted, I am back to having pretty much nothing cool to blog about (I warned you this would happen).   I started off my day by having a cup of coffee (reversing my 30 minutes of white strips last night) and reading my new issue of "The Key" and by reading, I mean looking at the pictures.

I then put down my coffee long enough to submit our Napa picture...if we don't get in there is no justice in this world.  I phrased it as a "girls trip" and left out any mention of "bachelorette" to come across much more Kappa Klassy...I'm not holding my breath. Most pictures involve helping Uganda or volunteering. 

I had a CRAZY night last night.  Parnell was at the lake and I was at home catching up on my DVR (Real Housewives of OC, 90210 ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT, Big Rich Atlanta) you know...the stuff that matters.  I popped in a Lean Cuisine to "be good" and then had a glass of wine...once I had a glass of wine it was game over.  I dove into the cookie from my work lunch yesterday.

Mr. Hunt speaks in dictation...get it? Anyway, I took one bite after my glass of wine in the hopes that it would be gross and I could bury the thought.  NOPE. It was NOT gross.  Insert sigh here. Needless to say I had extra motivation to attend my spin class this morning.  Little did I know, all the motivation I would need was 45 minutes of Whitney Houston remixes and the lights out.  Up in the clerrrrb at 6:00am.

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