Last night we celebrated Jenn's birthday at Villa O, conveniently on half price wine night.  If you happen to venture there this evening be warned that they are most likely out of Kris Pinot Noir...sorry we're not sorry.   Emily was a sweet little dear and brought a balloon for the table.  Said balloon was having some major issues and our waiter offered to work his magic to revive it.

Before Emily explained this, I thought she magically went out and found the only balloon in Dallas being held sturdy by a jar of raw noodles and salt.  She was about to get SO many points for time.

I was thisclose to bringing my big girl camera to dinner but I wanted to look cooler than I am so I left it at home and settled for the good ole iPhone (4S...sue me you 5ers, sue me).

Next time you break your leg, be sure to eat at Villa O.  Sara and Celia are both on crutches and the staff was so into accomodating them.  They were not into bringing Whitney the carb loader more bread, but MAN they were into crutch assistance.  Instead of having them go through the revolving entrance door, they opened up a different super special side door for them to enter.  I for one, would have liked to see the revolving door attempt #justsaying.

I have never seen crutches stacked with such love and care ok.

Jenn was gifted some fab items, some with cards, some without, and one with this:

Emily also got back to her creative roots and what she does best, face in the hole.

We are all aware that I enjoy photographing food.  Yes, I am one of THOSE people.  Some people love kissy faces and selfies which make my skin crawl, so you be you and I'll be me.

The waiter brought out a piece of cake for the birthday girl...and a tequilla an Italian restaurant.  I missed getting a picture of the shot because I was going hard on that chocolate cake, judge away. 

After cake and tequilla, it was time to have our waiter take a group shot.  I could not be more pleased that we went with the "everyone stand up" shot opposed to the "look down this super long awkward table and the front 2 people are screwed because this angle flatters no one" shot (note-I would NOT have been one of those two people, I am just that sweet and concerned for others).

I am going to leave you with a sweet little gem from Emily's initial face in the hole YOU'RE WELCOME.

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