Happy Amanda Knox being interviewed by Diane Sawyer Day! 

I will admit I was a little slow to jump on the Amanda Knox train, but once I got on it I could not get off.  I was so obsessed with this case and KAHNT WAIT to watch this interview.  I also want to get her book/force our book club "Drinking Club with a Reading Problem" to select it.  Obviously we can have the club meeting somewhere with Italian food #themesarecool.

I think there is a large possibility Amanda Knox was there the night of the murder but I don't believe she killed Meredith Kercher...don't agree?  Start a blog and tell people about it.

I will say my level of compassion for Amanda peaked when Lifetime cast Hayden Panettiere to play her.  Talk about adding insult to was already sucking enough Lifetime you didn't have to go and do her like that.

Hayden Panettiere is on my erase list.  I don't know where this stemmed from but I feel this emotion is here to stay.

On a sweeter note, my cousin's babe William turns 3 today!
Such a puffin-I could eat him.

Also in the news: BIG night tonight for our friend Natalie. She is having a trunk show at Gemma Collection to show off all her new gems.  Natalie sent me the most amazeball earrings for my birthday last year.


October 22nd Nat, October 22nd...just saying.

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