This past weekend was my much anticipated Bachelorette party in San Francisco with a side of Napa.  I may have gotten carried away with the new camera/at one point was mocked and referred to as the "Italian tourist with the camera around her neck". I'll start slowly and ease you into the wonderfulness that was our weekend...

Virgin America.

I mean we have to get there first right? I have never taken Virgin America...I'll let you insert your own clever pun here.  I have to say overall I was impressed.  We got to the check in counter and there were all of about 3 people there, that is until Erin thought she lost her ID and unpacked her suitcase in the hallway to find it.  Upon returning to the line there were about 13 (it's ok Erin).  They literally have a red carpet for the first class check in (not it) and music blaring to get you in the "clubbin" mood before boarding your flight.  I dug it.  I was fine with it. 

Once we got situated on the plane it was time to get familiar with all the gadgets.

Naturally, I picked up this little device and started a chat room for our group.  Said chat room may or may not have included a stranger that I accidentally invited who willingly accepted. 

Next it was on to the important things...

The row across from me went from this:

To this:

The plane had also run out of champagne and vodka by the time they came to.  Stock up Virgin...STOCK UP.

Lindsey was awake and attempting to drink with me.  She ordered champagne (sorry sparkling wine WHATEVER), swiped her card, and MAGIC.  The flight attendant appeared within 2 minutes to deliver.  The delivered bottle...that was sealed...was empty.  The flight attendant looked 1) confused and 2) at Lindsey like she was an alcoholic with the fastest chug time in America.  Boo attempted to clarify for her and shouted "you should probably interrogate your staff...just saying".

After we Hunger Games style fought to the death for the remaining alcohol (I kid...) we had landed.  Not that we don't have a good time together or anything but man that flight seemed long.

I have never seen anyone charge their phone as much as Elizabeth Meyers did on this trip.

She did make these for everyone so we will let it slide...

This is the future WKP signing off for now.

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