Saturday was a bit of an exploring day.  We woke up and mom'ed out with some coffee and shopping. We were out so early that we had a solid hour before a single thing opened.  That was until we passed Ross Dress For Less.  I mean we'll take it.  We then popped on over to Old I'm sorry but when did they get lots of cute stuff?  #goinginDallasthisweekend? 

This dog was such a squish.  Like I couldn't handle it.

After some shopping we walked to brunch.  I thought we were walking "about 2 miles"...FALSE.  We walked about 3.1 on hills in sandals to get there.  Like I DESERVED a mimosa by the time we sat down.

We chose Circa simply because they had bottomless mimosas...sold.

After brunching we debated a bike tour on the bridge and then got tired just thinking about it.  We settled for walking around with absolutely no agenda.

The ONLY way my child is playing soccer is if this is the setup.  If so, give me the keys to a minivan and I will dominate that "soccer mom" thing. I would even watch someone else's child play here ok.

This trail > Katy Trail

I didn't buy this memory stick and I should have...get it? Stick...

We went back to the hotel before dinner and took naps.  I mean vacations have changed ok we value downtime like woah.

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