After our senior citizen lunch semi close to breakfast we headed to Silver Oak.  I must say that when I have wine in Dallas I usually aim low on my bottle selection.  Home? Barefoot...Yellow Tail... Out? "Um yall just pick the cheapest Pinot Noir".
Needless to say Silver Oak was a treat. 

I took this first shot from our moving shuttle...BOOM.

We had the strangest girl giving us our tour.  We have all met them.  The person that literally cannot get their joke out because they are laughing so stop.

This was in the restroom...and I wanted to ship it home.  The restroom was larger than our hotel room and a single stall.  In the words of Julia Roberts, this bathroom "is bigger than the Blue Banana".

We were so sad that our friend  and my other bridesmaid Sara couldn't make it on the trip.  Sara broke her leg skiing a few weeks ago.  We saw this ramp at Silver Oak and thought of her! (Like in a sweet way not a ha ha your leg is broken way)

At this point in the tour, our awk guide poured us a blend.  Everyone sipped in silence as Boo expressed to said awk guide how "into blends" she is these days. For the record, imagine how much you could possibly be into a red blend and then multiply it by 10.  THAT is how into them Boo currently is. On an additional note...this was not her favorite blend. #winesnob 

After wrapping up our tour outside, Driver Doug appeared like our little fairy godmother and told us it was time for the next stop.

On to the next one...

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