The next stop on the best day ever...(even better than the best day of Mitch's life) was Stag's Leap.  It is no secret that I have an obsession with antlers...OBSESSION. I will say this picked up quite a bit when I moved in with Parnell as we tried to find a common ground for the interiors of our home.  We went from shabby chic overload and a Texas flag museum to a mixture of shab meets rustic with the key ingredient of antlers.  Now, I also HATE hunting...HATE it.  I live in a dream world where all of my antlers are naturally shed from a 100 year old grown Bambi who has lived the dream.  When Beau Wine Tours suggested Stag's Leap my reaction was "deh-we're doing that".

Our guide greeted us and asked if we wanted to taste in the private room our outside...we (maybe just me??) picked the private room (fancy?)...BIG MISTAKE.  The air flow was non existent and the swass (swamp ass) was flowing #truthhurts. 

While we dripped in sweat and drank (story of my life) I made the mistake of asking our tasting guide "where did the name Stag's Leap come from?"  I honestly thought the answer was going to be a quick and easy "there are deer on the other side of this room and we are going to go feed them after this."  Instead, it was some long winded story about some Indian and like this deer that should have starved and died and lived and like jumped over something.  I would have been SO over the story but our guide brought in a glass of their super unaffordable wine to congratulate me on my engagement-totally made the story bearable.

We ended our tasting with the hottest words any man can say to a group of girls on vacation, "do you want me to take pictures for yall?"

As we were attempting this next picture in the blinding sun, Lindsey stated "I want nothing to do with this."  PREACH Lindsey...this picture sucks.

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