Still going.
We left Stag's Leap...sweating...and got back in the shuttle.  I chose to sit alone and air out in the front of the shuttle HAD TO.  We had a short little drive to Alpha Omega.  I had never heard of this winery when it was suggested but heard great things.  Several people have mentioned a friend or friend of a friend that said it was their favorite.  I on the other hand thought "we can take a Kappa picture at Alpha Omega and be all like greek and stuff." I know by now you are thinking "she graduated college like years ago get over it." Sororities are forever ok. GKODB.

It is a waste of finger energy to type the fact that we chose to do our tasting outside.

Not that we weren't already feeling loose on our last stop, but our tasting guide (who we LOVED) basically encouraged our speed drinking by filling up the glasses of those that emptied them first.  He would tell us about each wine "blah blah fermented blah blah" and then fill the empties before returning inside to fetch the next one. My kind of tasting. 

We/I then decided it was time.  We needed a Kappa picture and we need to make it good,  we HAD to get in The Key.  The Key is the Kappa magazine that circulates to current members and alumni.  I love to say I am submitting pictures for it but the truth is one time I tried and got tired and didn't finish the process.

So the pictures above took like WAY too long.  I was thankful to Tamara for taking them until I looked and realized she didn't capture the awkward human body style "KKG"...aka the entire point of the picture.  Like K's need legs Tam!  Bless that little Aggie's heart...round 2.


Finally (sort of). 

Tamara then captured this little gem of Lindsey just sassing out all over the place.


I knew Tamara couldn't take it behind that fake smile of hers.  I took the camera and she got all Chi O on us.

We finished our tasting lounge style and I sang to Erin's unborn child that I swear is a girl and NEEDS to have red hair.  Therefore, I refer to "her" as Ariel.  Side note, I cannot sing.  Actually, I say I can't sing so expectations are low but I mean I don't think I am THAT bad.  I did ask Santa/Wendy and Carebear (Dad) for a karaoke machine one year and didn't get it.  #messagereceived

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