After some naps in the hotel biscuit the maids (bridesmaids not Hotel Triton maids) all presented me with a gift to get the night rolling.  Let me start by saying that lingerie showers GEEK me out.  I knew from day one of bachelorette plans, there would be no lingerie involved (sorry Parnell-you know you LOVE my CK1 nightshirt ok).
The bridesmaids put together a honeymoon bag for me! CHARITY! I want to TRY to save everything for when we leave but I's pretty legit loot so I'm not holding my breath.

As the icing on the cake this all came in an adorable J Crew beach bag.  So legit.  So thoughtful.  So much better than lingerie.

It was time to hit the town minus a "Bride To Be" sash...would have ditched that immediately. 

We headed to Trick Dog for a drink.  To get there we hopped in a big deal...until it was the worst cab ride of my life, then it was a big deal.  For those who have driven with me, you know I am an aggressive driver-Boo is more aggressive than me and will disagree with that statement but needs to start her own blog to voice that opinion. This guy was honking, yelling, racing, and overall making my brunch come up.  When we finally got out of the cab (AMEN) we tried to find the bar based on the address...we walk up and down and then it hits us.  "Ohhhhh it's one of THOSE bars." That "I am so cool that I have no signage" bar.  That "I have a bouncer outside that could be mistaken for a young homeless man" bar.  That "I have a max occupancy of 49 and no seats" bar.  I DISLIKE these bars.  But alas, we were there, so in we went. 

After looking at the drink menu for a solid 15 minutes I settled on some concoction not knowing what I was about to receive.  The drink menu might as well have been in another language ok.  This is what I got:

The taste was equally as awkward as the color.  Of course, Boo loved it and finished mine off for me. 

While we were waiting for drinks, two girls and their guy friend were standing next to us talking to each other in the opposite of an inside voice.  Topic of conversation?  Which one of the girls in our group he would want to date...
I don't know if I was more irritated that they had the nerve or that I didn't win.
For the record, Lindsey did.  Be sure to congratulate her.

From Trick Dog, we walked to dinner at Foreign Cinema.  Like...I could NOT have loved this place more.  We waited for our table in the adjacent ($5 word) bar. Scanner Darkly (never saw it) was playing in the bar on the wall as the bartender gave us a lesson on rotoscope films (and Wendy says I never learn anything while drinking...pffff).

After a pretty long wait/what would be a normal Saturday in Dallas we were seated at our AMAZING table in the LEGIT courtyard as all staff members who passed us apologized profusely for our wait.  I will say that my pictures do not do this place justice and you should probably just hop on a plane and go see it for yourself this weekend. #aintnothang

Much to my surprise, our waitress greeted us with a bottle of bubbly from none other than Sara! I mean if you can't be there in person the next best thing to take your place is alcohol right? While we sipped we came face to face with an order of just about every appetizer they have on the menu for our "long wait".  I meaaaaaaan I'll take it but I guess I won't tell our waitress that I waited at The Porch for 45 minutes on a Tuesday the other week.  #oursecret

We ordered some wine (are you seeing a theme here?) to go with our entrees.  I got the Fideous and didn't really share with anyone...sorry I'm not sorry.  Erin got the fried chicken, but here is the thing: the chicken had like some super special Asian sauce on it served with hummus and veggies. Literally had never tasted/seen anything like it.  So what do we do? Ask the person eating for two for multiple bites thats what.

We ended up getting dessert again (you can do that on vacation ok) and then calling it a night because I am super CRAZY like that.

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