Every time I write "TGIF", it makes me think of Friday's which makes me think of gross food (TEAM CHILIS) but happy Friday.
Work was delightfully chaotic this week and flew by.  Between the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center (shout out Jenna for that post baby bod) and lots of upcoming May events, there was very little downtime.  Through it all, I managed to accomplish something major: I am caught up on my DVR #priorities.  I even watched Glee last night which I have been averaging about 2 episodes behind lately.  Can someone please cancel this?  I have been with it from day one the Sunday in Dallas when Tamara and I watched all of season 1 in one sitting aside from a few bathroom breaks, so i can't NOT watch it but I no longer want to. I would rather Ryan Murphy focus all of his attention on American Horror Story ok (back to the house for season 3 please asylums bore me).

This weekend, well tomorrow, is Wendy's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Trust me, Wendy will appreciate this picture of a cake I will never bake instead of a picture of the two of us. I want a cake ball...for breakfast.

Have a great weekend kids!

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