I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Mine was spent laying low and being productive, that was, until Sunday.  Parnell, Boo, Mitch, and I decided to go all round two on the best day of Mitch's life.  We cut out the shopping since Mitch sent photographic evidence that he did in fact return for the pillow as instructed.  

After a quick run around the neighborhood to Icana Pop "I Love It" and Justin Timberlake "Mirrors" on repeat (WAY better than "Suit and Tie"...WAY better) it was off to Sams Club and Home Depot for Whitney and Parnell before brunch. After coming away with some major scores (think Crest White Strips and paper towels) it was time to meet at The Nodding Donkey aka my new favorite brunch spot.
The friends that park together stay together.

Parnell, Boo, and I arrived first and had a few drinks waiting on our favorite little princess Mitch.  When he finally arrived he could NOT wipe the smile off his face.  He could have been being polite to someone on the sidewalk but I feel like it was because he knew he was about to see us.  I might have seen like A skip...maybe I imagined it. 

Once everyone got settled in with a fresh round of mimosas it was time to chat about ordering.  Mitch suggested that we all split an order of Bananas Foster  1) I HATE HATE 2) I cannot think of a more awkward thing to share as an appetizer.  Solution? Mitch ordered 2 meals.  In addition to the Bananas Foster Pancakes, Mitch ordered this new thing they have there called a "Spinosh Tortilla" as he pronounced it about 5 times.  We finally had to see for ourselves what this "Spinosh Tortilla" was all about.

"Mitch-do you mean SPANISH????"
Mitch: "No one here went out as hard as I did last night!"

The rest of the table ordered very normal and pronounceable items. 

Apparently the Bananas Foster Pancakes were special and beat out the SPANISH Tortilla.  I tried a TINY corner of the pancakes because they looked so good...and it was like a banana slapped my tongue.  Anothankyou.

After Nodding Donkey, we decided to keep the mimosas flowing and move on back to the Parnell Whitney casa per Sunday usual.  While Mitch took FOREVER to come over, Boo and I had a relaxing afternoon of our face.

I can' relaxing.

Mitch FINALLY arrived and THANK THE LORD he did.  As we sat around doing what we do best (nothing) Mitch suggested we go to Noodle Wave for dinner. Mitch described it as "really good" blah blah blah "great food" blah blah "BYOB"...wait what? SOLD.  

Noodle Wave is in Richardson about 2 minutes from my high school (RHS the Best).  As some of you know this isn't exactly the most glamorous part of town.  I thought the utility vehicle and ladder posted up in front of Noodle Wave was perfection. 

We had one bottle of wine with us but lets get real...we needed two.  Boo and I walked door to door in the shopping center in search of wine while the boys grabbed a table.  We found cheap haircuts, a nail salon, and some baklava.  We finally settled for white at the gas station even though we both wanted red.


We may or may not have a pair of these "looks like Tory Burch designed them" chop sticks in Parnell's car.  I'm not sure Parnell was quite feeling it, but Boo and I can't wait to invite ourselves back with Mitch to Noodle Wave.  I'll check my phone here in a minute to make sure Mitch doesn't want me to meet him for lunch today.

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