Mitch had the best day of his life yesterday.  I'm not sure if he actually said that out loud at all but you could just see it...he was glowing.  The day started by Parnell and I picking Mitch up to go to brunch.  We then swooped Boo and were on our way to Common Table...note...carpools are cool. The weather was fab with a slight breeze (Mitch was a little chilly but pulled through).

Mimosa pitchers for two...yes please

That is Parnell's chicken fried we HAD to photograph that beast.  Oh and in case you were wondering he "has had better".

After our magical brunch, we decided to run errands together and by "run errands together" I mean get in Boo's car and try to buy something every place she needed to go. 

This was literally in her glove we didn't plant it there to be funny.  Her response? "You never know when you are going to need Ranch".

We had to make a quick stop...

Right when Mitch thought his day probably couldn't get any better we introduced him to HomeGoods.  He was so into it ok.

He kept BEGGING me to take his picture

Mitch scored some amazing pillows and is supposed to go back on his lunch break today to get more per my instructions.  I'll have to text him and see if he was able to sleep last night knowing someone may have swooped them after we left.

We also hit up Half Priced Books.  This place baffles Parnell/he basically refuses to enter.  "How is the parking lot ALWAYS packed? I don't get it..."  Well Mitch just bought a record player so he gets it.  Man was on a little mission to grab some new albums.  We purchased Starbucks before entering so we looked super serious while browsing.  Mitch did in fact find some gems.  I on the other hand realized I ordered the wrong book on Amazon for book club when Boo checked out and it was totally different from what I had at home.  Now granted, I read the jacket of mine when it arrived and wondered how in the hell our club had picked out that snooze fest in the first place but didn't feel like investigating much.  While standing in the checkout line with those two tarts, I see another book by E.L. James a la Fifty Shades of Grey.  SOLD.  Screw the book club book (Sorry President Diaz). 

Also while out on the best day of Mitch's life, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond (we had enough time) so Boo could purchase a Keurig.  We also popped on over to Target.  I actually left Target without buying something.  Insert pat on back here.

So while we are doing all of this, Parnell went to Central Market and bought the makings for steak and potatoes.  CHARITY.  So after a long day of shopping and drinking, we went back to the Kahn/Parnell casa for an awesome dinner topped off by the ACMs (NOT good Carrie...NOT good) and Game of Thrones.  Ahhhhhhh


I fully expect Mitch to start calling me to hang out on the reg.

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