I have already confessed to you that I oddly enjoy some prison/inmate research, news stories, and articles.  I am also a super fan of documentaries...mostly depressing ones.  My love of documentaries started back in the day with The Blair Witch Project (I kid...I know that isn't real but I still avoid wooded areas like the plague #bettersafethansorry).  Chase (brother), the "artsy" "smarter" Kahn child (I have street smarts?) has introduced me to many a documentary over time.  For instance, we went to see The Cove. 

Yall...I can't.  Swimming with dolphins used to look so cute and fun...until I saw this. Did you know Flipper committed suicide? YES.  Dolphins (depressed ones) do that.  They hold their breath and drown themselves. This is why I change the channel at turbo speed anytime I pass Animal  It hurts my heart too much.  When Wendy (mom) and I went to Hawaii a few years back, there was a documentary for the in flight "movie" about a mother bear and her two cubs trying to survive in this tough cruel world.  While I was awake, it was all fun and games and tongue baths.  I fell asleep (naturally) and woke up to find Wendy a full on combination of depressed and pissed.  "THE MOM DIED AND THE CUBS ARE ALONE AND PROBABLY CAN'T SURVIVE AND I JUST HAD TO SIT HERE AND WATCH IT!"  Amen Wendy...AMEN.

Chase also introduced me to Exit Through The Gift Shop.  What I got from this was that if I ever need some cash on the side ( just go out and slab some stuff on a canvas, ask way too much for it, and...BOOM art career. 

While I was on an art kick, Natalie suggested I watch Marina Abramovic.

I'm not going to lie, I felt SUPER artistic watching this.  I didn't get it...but I nodded alot in my living room like this all made sense to me and I saw her vision.  Basically Marina has been a performance artist for a long time and opened this new exhibit where you wait in line like she is the latest model of iPhone and then stare into her eyes as long as you want.  You should see the tears happening ok.  People LOST it.  I on the other hand was just wondering when she was using the bathroom and how uncomfortable that must be.  Her chair like has a toilet built in because the chick does NOT move...all day.  Baffling.  Thank you Natalie.

Natalie also recommended Paradise Lost.  3 possibly innocent men in prison? One on death row? You know I was in.

One thing you should know about me, my bedtime: its early.  If I start a movie at night I can guarantee it will take me a solid three evenings to finish.  This was a three part documentary aka about 3 weeks worth of watching for me.  Parnell was interested/a fabulous sport because he continued to watch them with me nightly.  He now claims to be an expert on the case because he finished them each night and then started back from my spot (about 25 minutes in) the following evening...over...and over.  Please see him with any questions and or comments.  This was such an interesting, who done it case.  My money is on the stepdad #justsaying.

This brings me to the documentary Parnell and I watched last night.  1) This story is super bizarre and depressing 2) I stayed awake...I was THAT interested.

I read about this story on my one and only source for news Daily Mail.  A "fabulous" and "loving" mother/aunt killed her child, 3 nieces, and 3 passengers in another car driving the wrong way on a highway at high speeds coming home from a camping trip.  Her autopsy revealed high levels of THC as well as a high blood alcohol level.  Her family stands by the statement that there is no way this information is correct because "she would never do that."  Watch it-decide for yourself.  Her family may or may not/DID incriminate her by admitting she smoked pot on the semi reg...I feel confident typing that.  It's hard to have a plot spoiler when it's real life right?

Any documentaries you can recommend?  I collect them like candy these days so give me a shout...

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