The time came when Driver Doug crushed our innocence (pfffff) and hopes and dreams by telling us it was time to leave Napa.  The only thing keeping me together was the fact that Driver Doug was dropping us off at eat pizza...or in our circle "za". 

The drive back consisted of Boo getting all Ryan Seacrest and having me answer questions she had previously asked Parnell to see if ours matched, very a la the Newlywed Game. For the record, I dominated...pretty sure.

I also got as close to Driver Doug as possible without actually sitting in his lap to try to get some shots of the REAL Golden Gate Bridge.

The plan was to arrive at Pizzeria Delfina by 5:30pm.  They don't take resis (typical) and have like 6 tables so timing was key.  Driver Doug...OH DRIVER DOUG.  We had such a good time all day.  I cared about you, I loved you, I almost slipped and called you Dad at one point...and then you went and got us lost.  Liiiiiiiike real lost.  You asked Tamara, your passenger, from TEXAS, what the cross street was for the restaurant address.  When she didn't know, you asked her to call them and find out.  We stared at you.  We burned holes in the back of your head with our eyes.  Well, Tamara and I did, the rest of the shuttle was having some like super deep drunk conversation in the back and breaking our free souvenir wine glasses BUT STILL.

We finally pulled up to the pizzeria that I was beginning to think was fictional and I could not have jumped out of that shuttle fast enough.  Driver Doug stood there and offered his hand like he had done all day.  Before it was sweet and special and by then it was like "don't touch me."  Its such a shame we had to end on that note but that is life right? Moving on...

We walk in Pizzeria Delfina and for those of you who know Campania, I thought they had the same vibe.  This excited me to no end, until our name went on the "you are never ever ever sitting down, like ever" list.  *Shout out T SWIFT
What to do while we wait...hmmmm...order wine...deh.
By the time we sat down, we were good and sauced.  We ordered more wine (naturally) and then attacked the ordering process.  Boo thought the rest of the table had a little "eyes bigger than your stomach" situation going on.  I mean my eyes are apparently huge because all food was dominated and dessert was ordered...oops.

In addition to consuming some calories, we had a photo session at the table...well Diaz (Ashley) did...and no, I am not taking any of these down.

I hate to point out the obvious but Boo like did not want to leave dinner.  Like could not have been having more fun while we were sitting there.

We closed out and headed home after the group waiting for our table watched us taking pictures and asked us how long we were "planning on doing that and sitting here." We could NOT have been less sober when we arrived back at the good ole Triton...and yes...I kept my camera out-more to come.

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