67 > 35

So...when I left you Friday things were all "TGIF" and puppies and rainbows and half days.  Erin and Sara met at my office to hit the road at 12:30pm.  We soon got to that moment of 67 and 35 forking and for some reason I listened to Erin (love you) and went 35...enter the car trip from hell, literally.  35 was a parking lot.  What should have taken us 3 hours and 30 minutes took 6 hours and 10.  If one of us asked where we were Sara replied "HELL OK." Sara and I pushed through chatting about our first glass of wine and how aggressive it would be...not sure how pregnant Erin made it. We honestly need a t-shirt stating that we survived.  No one will ever know what it was like inside that car except for us.  We will forever have a bond that no one else can break ok...we basically returned from like a little mini war-ish battle of sorts. I guess it could also be said that we are not cut out for long road trips...noted.

When we finally arrived, our bronzed and buzzed buddies were waiting patiently to dive into dips for dinner with

Yes, we could have worked on our presentation slightly, but at this point I was drinking pinot grigio like it was water and eating dips with chips like I was being timed.

We went down to the dock to catch the sunset and be all mature and adult like with a glass of wine.

Due to our lower numbers this year (offended?) we all basically got our own rooms.  Ingram and I retired to the addition portion of the house, cranked the A/C, and slumbered like princesses. The "2nd house" also has a well stocked candy jar the size of my thigh... #breakmeoffapieceofthatkitkatbar

We started off Saturday morning with mom walks/runs/and breakfast know because those three go together. The weather was just begging us to go sit by the pool so we obliged...because we are sweet like that.

Allison got all Houston H Town Get Down on us and made an impromptu rap video.


I mean, I went to Richardson High School...I appreciate a little ghetto attitude when I see one ok.  I MAY have been encouraging her slightly in addtion to Sara's high school playlist.

The moms kicked back and had an O'Douls...getting CrAzY.  We also chatted the babes because we are creepy like that.

Coming up...we discovered the action shot setting on the camera...

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