The next post is going to be basically a photo dump of action shot sequences so bare with me. 

Take One: Yantis dancing on the hot tub

Take Two: Group jump session

Take Three: Worst high five in America

Take Four: Diaz solo...typical

Take Five: Tech cheer standing back

Take Six: Worst toe touch in America

Take Seven: Side dive

Take Eight: Double dive

After all the action (literally) it was time for Cowboy Queso.  Cowboy Queso was introduced to us by Erin (damn you) and is nothing short of amazing.  Some of the girls don't care for it and I don't care for some girls #justsaying.  It is basically refried beans with queso on top...I honestly don't understand what is not to like.

After our warm up of CQ, it was time for Catch Phrase, more wine, and pizza.


Gracie was SO into Blue Ivy ok.

Thanks again to Yantis for a fabulous weekend followed by a terrible Monday.

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