Last night while most of you were settling in for the night, I was at work waiting on my new besties.  We are hosting an event this evening for Sea Turtle Inc. out of South Padre Island (party?) and you can't exactly have a turtle event without any turtles so...these little puffins made the long road trip to get to us.  As someone who just LOST IT after being in a car for 6 hours, I admire the turtles ok-oh and they are rescue turtles so they are all missing a flipper here and there...slow clap.

When they unloaded them last night we got a personal turtle lesson.  Allison is the largest one in the group (sorry girl, you are) and weighs a whopping 70 lbs.  I thought this was impressive until I learned that she will grow up to 500...NEVERMIND #getabiggertank.  The other two are little babies, one of which was born without a left lung which causes him to swim in circles only.  They fed him last night and it literally took him FOREVER to get his measly little food pellet in his mouth...come to think of it...I gave up watching before he succeeded...he might be starving. I wanted to just pick him up and place the pellet in his mouth...but there were signs everywhere warning not to stick our hands in the tank #rulefollower.  Imagine missing your bite the first time around and then having to swim the entire circumference of the tank for another try...sounds like the most legit turtle diet ever.

I returned to work this morning and obviously had to check in on the little squishes in our lobby.  Lets be honest one is working today.  It looked like a theme park down there with lots of iPhone pictures happening.  Allison also may or may not have had a stomach ache last night...the tank coloring was...a little off..I hope someone is taking care of this today other than myself.

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