It's here! It's here! Our annual Horseshoe Bay girls weekend has arrived.  Every year, Yantis is insane sweet enough to invite all of the girls to her lake house for a "reunion" weekend.  We started referring to the Yantis lake house as Atyantis a few years back (I mean...I'm sorry, I think we are funny).

The weekend usually consists of food, fun, sun, dance offs, and as of late...synchronized swimming.

Allison promised to point her toes this year.

We are switching it up this year and bringing our own food contributions.  Yantis typically has to trek to some non Central Market grocery store and buy food for all her little hungry hoodlums. This year we are all coming prepared for 2 themed dinners and lunch.  Tonight is apps (dips) for dinner...PUMPED.  I took this very seriously and hit up the good ole CM last night.  I would like to state for the record that a new person made the smoked gouda pecan cheese spread I CAN TELL.  The consistency is off and there was pouting involved.  I packed up all my goods to be transported to the lake in a Bud Light cooler...and took it to work...awkward walk in today kids...awkward.

My car is headed out half day style so our FOMO level doesn't get too high. 


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