So phone was on vibrate and I had SEVERAL buzzes by 10:30(ish)am when I came to.  One several were from Diaz asking my opinion on the height Mark was hanging their new artwork (we both could text about this crap ALL DAY ok).  Her last text said "Why aren't you answering me? I know you have been up for hours."  Good call on a normal Saturday...false when Tamara is staying with me. After I replied to Diaz and told her I went to bed at 3am (she was proud/alarmed), I saw Tamara had called and text me.  The plan had always been to get up and go visit Lindsey's new baby Mabel...that name...SO presh ok...only now that plan included me holding a baby with the after wine shakes.

I threw on a "gross outfit" (which is also same thing I wear when I have tons of time to get ready)...wind shorts and a t-shirt and we were on our way in like .2 seconds.


I meaaaaaaan puffin egg mcmuffin right? I am so sad I didn't have Tamara take a picture of me with Mabel (she liked me better and babies don't like me).  We caught up and then headed out when it was time for Mabel to eat...and quiet frankly I was about to follow suit and cry to get some food as well.

We picked up Trevor and after driving around for far too long discussing our desire for a place that serves both tacos and burgers, we decided on Social House where they serve both...then no one at the table got a taco or a burger.  We did however, invent a restaurant: Bloody Burger Taco Mimosa.  Please don't pretend that doesn't intrigue you or sound appetizing. We all three got the same sandwich (I can't) and it was not gross...oh and we split some mac and cheese #minordetail.

After I became completely shampooed from the mimosas we consumed...oh I didn't mention that...well we was time for a nap, like the MOST needed nap in history. Tamara was a champ and went to visit another baby while I went home, painted my nails red for Taylor (get it? RED tour) and then laid with my arms crossed like a dead person for the most solid non-moving 2 hour nap ever.

My alarm went off at 4:30pm...I was vertical for about 4 minutes before the power went out.  YES OK.  Ummmmmm how are we supposed to get ready with no power? Tamara looked at me like Parnell and I can't pay our bills as I went outside to see if the weather was bad.  Literally out of nowhere the wind picked up and soon it was full on like monsoon raining. Step 1: Call the cab now...this ride is going to take forever.  Step 2: Pour some wine. Step 3: Decide what to wear in the dark and attempt a solid make up job #fungame.

Somehow we managed (champs ok) to get ready and loaded in a cab with a legit kinda funny/ I would love to hang out with him again driver.  $75 and a glass of wine later we had arrived at Cowboys Stadium.  I can't even tell you how many cowboy boot/sundress combos we saw I CAN'T. We then did what the 11 people over the age of 21 were all doing...found the bars. The beauty of seeing an artist popular with children is short lines at the concert bars ok.  We loaded up on $20 double pinot grigios and went to find our "awesome seats because we are #1 and #2 and we can get up however many times we need to and run out and get more drinks and then run to the bathroom and run right back in without making the entire row get up and these seats will be awesome and so legit and so wonderful and yay seats."  Leave it to Tamara and Whitney to purchase seats 1 and 2 in the only magical section in the entire stadium that are up against a cement wall with no aisle. That's right...apparently seats 12 and 13 were the ones to get...F.  So we then were THOSE girls.  We stood where we were not supposed to be, made buddies with the security man guarding the area and stood for the opening act with our doub grigios #doingourrowafavor.

Speaking of the opening act...

Ok so it goes like this...I knew I liked a few songs of his...but I didn't know I was about to apply to his fan club and aspire to be president within the year.  He came out on stage and I looked at Tam and said "he could be cuter."  A set list and 2 glasses of pinot later, Tamara said "wouldn't it be cool to see him in a more like intimate setting?" and I replied " my bedroom." OBSESSED yall ok. One of the best live singers I have ever heard and his red mop is just so endearing.

When Ed finshed I cried we RAN to get started on our pre Taylor to do list:
-get more wine
-get a t-shirt
-maybe a bite to eat
-go to the restroom

We started with the t-shirt line...UGH.  It was long.  We had a very loud conversation (sorry wine does that) about who would stay in line and who would go get wine because we didn't have time to both do both. Well then Tamara remembered that she can only get 2 drinks at a time which would mean SINGLE glasses of wine for both of us (GASP). WHAT DO WE DO? A sweet security man then whispered to Tam and called her over, informing us that there was this secret magical world of t-shirts in the Cowboys pro shop around the corner. "WHITNEY COME HERE!" We start running a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle to get there before the secret is out.  We enter and sure was a warehouse of tour merchandise with people grabbing left and right Hunger Games style. We both grabbed an Ed shirt (deh) and a Taylor shirt within minutes.  I tried to buy a Taylor Swift letter jacket and Tamara wouldn't let me.

It was then time to cross a few more things off our list.  We headed back to the bar and got more wine (obvi) and I turn around to find Tamara in line at the Torpedodog What is a torpedodog you might ask? It is a hotdog bun with no split in it, they then PUMP your toppings INSIDE the bun, then stick your hotdog in the middle and your toppings like ooze.  Taco Bell is my favorite meal and this made me kinda sick if that tells you anything...

Tamara loved it and I mean I tried it and didn't quite hate it. We then saw this little tart and I had her pose with Tamara on the way to the restroom.  Tamara kept yelling "WHO DOES SHE BELONG TO?" because she was by herself...we found a mom eventually who thought we were creepy and does that.

We hit up the restroom and then heard SCREAMING...perfect timing BOOM.

Literally got to our seats JUST in time.
The show was AMAZEBALLS and "Trouble" could not have been cooler/better/more wonderful/amazing/awesome.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...seriously life altering ok.
After the best concert ever it was time to get in the cab line...good thing we got there when we did because it ended up getting out of control long behind us. I will let the cab pictures speak for themselves...double wines will get ya ok kids.

Don't act like you didn't KNOW this was happening...

Taco Bell twice in one lucky/fat am I?

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