If I were on death row (I'm too kind but pretend) there would be a tie for my last meal.  You actually no longer get a last meal request in the state of Texas so I would need to do some travelling BUT ANYWAY...
My numero uno option would be a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell with mild sauce packets.

This little tart of a concoction has not only changed my life, but my pant size. Like OBSESSED. I have always loved Taco Bell (I can hear you saying "ewww" and I could care less MORE FOR ME) but this diddy was a game changer. I mean, I usually need want more than one item but the CW is ALWAYS on the electronic order screen.  One time Boo and I went through the drive-through, placed our orders, then waited in line for a long time until we reached the window.  Not like 20 minutes long, but long enough to think we didn't order enough food.  Boo got on her phone and pretended to be doing someone a favor by adding two burritos to our order.  We ate said burritos on the drive back to the apartment because we just couldn't wait.  Let's just say I had a dried bean situation on the keys of my blackberry the next day that I had to clean out with mulitple Q-tips.  Friends don't let friends bean and drive.

This brings me to option 2 for my fictional death row last meal.
Dips for dinner.

This consists of going to Central Market, getting smallISH scoops of my favorite party dips along with carbs for days.  My usual line up is the hummus, pimento cheese, and smoked gouda pecan cheese spread that I SWEAR is laced with something, pita chips and pita bread. Obviously this all goes with a glass (or several) of wine.  When do I eat dips for dinner you might ask?

-When Parnell is out of town or won't be home for dinner
- When I am sick
-When I have had a terrible day
-When I have had an awesome day

This is what the dips for dinner scene looks like/looked like last night:

Oh I'm don't make work out mixes while drinking, eating carbs, and eating cheese? Counter productivity is my middle name. I also dabbled in my DVR with RHOC.  After 2 glasses of wine I felt like Lydia's mom.

Happy Hump Day lovelies.

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