This week our office hosted Night at the Museum taking place in the new George Bush Presidential Center. Our department handled logistics, so I was able to walk through before we opened the doors and get all creepy girl on my phone taking pictures.

Stems did the flowers and I was obsessed. I can't wait to see the professional non iPhone pictures of them. Someone get married in Dallas and hire them kthanks.

It's cute if you can't guess what my favorite part of the museum was...

Back in the day, I sent Barney (ugh RIP) and Miss Beazley a Christmas card from Oliver Kahn...I may have been in college and you can just get over it. A few weeks later, I received a full on packet back from the first pets including head shots and a letter to Oliver signed with all their paw prints ok.  I still have it...made my life year. I may have lingered in this section until told to step away from the animals. I MAY have gotten home and told Oliver about his famous kin folk before I said hi to Parnell.

Next up was the oval office.  My coworker worked in the White House and said this portion of the museum is full on "creepy" due to the accuracy of the office. Take note Parnell...not all offices have gun cases, antlers, and deer heads...athankyou.

I do want to return to the museum when I have more time and a bottle of wine beforehand to linger longer in the 9/11 portion and have a solid cry. You will see come September, I am obsessed with watching depressing 9/11 documentaries. Do yourself a favor and watch "The Woman Who Wasn't There"...BAFFLING ok.

Ok ok before we all get a case of the sads...This weekend is sure to be fun and fabulous!  I will be all up in that Aggie crew again for Bethany's baby shower.  I still need to find a solution for wrapping her gift.  Like can baby items not be shaped normally and fit in bags? I bought the biggest bag at Target after I REFUSED the lady at Babies R Us to wrap it in their terrible paper...and the bag is too small. I meaaaaan she registered for it...she probably already saw it was I can like just hand it to her right? No?

TGIF kids!

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