Last night began with chips, queso, and pinot grigio, so I mean...I knew it was going to be a good one.  I met Erin, Cece, and Cece's sister Alli at Bandito's.  Cece lives in Aspen (poor thing) and misses Mexican food.  I hadn't had it in about 12 hours so we were on the same page. Obviously I was hungry because I didn't photgraph a single thing I ate.  When we wrapped up dinner, it was time for Natalie's trunk show a few shops down from Bandito's.  Erin and Alli had parked next to each other in 2 hour parking.  In order to beat the system, they reversed in the lot and switched spaces while Cece stood in the middle of the road to block traffic and mouthed "they are switching places" repeatedly, adding hand signs here and there to passers by like they understood her.  We all walked away pretty confident as Erin announced she would "take them to court" if she returned to find a ticket. Note: no tickets were distributed...BOOM.

We walked with a little pep in our step in an attempt to get to Gemma Collection in a timely manner (first 30 get a swag bag so I mean...obviously we were all over it).

Swag bag received. 
We were greeted with a beverage in our choice of wine, wine, or vodka...Gemma doesn't mess around and I don't judge.

Obviously I had to get some shots with the star of the show Natalie before things got cra and she got all pop and busy.

I chose to wear a jacket (from Old Navy-I told you I would go) while the weather was in the 80s.  Needless to say, whoever was near me the entire evening got an earful about my sweating status.  Erin and I really need to get started on our book "Sweating, It's The Pits".  I tried to write a chapter one day a while back and got sweaty just thinking about it.  Ghost writers please apply within.

I made a maj mistake last night (no not the jacket).  Right when we walked in, I spotted 2 pairs of earrings that were speaking to me.  I thought we were all there to relax, sip wine or vodka, take it easy, and be sweet to each other.  Um...NO. It was every woman for herself.  Within minutes both "my" pairs were sold...I won't name names but I now dislike you/should maybe call you to hang out since obviously we agree on some things.

If you have some time today (which obviously you do because you are reading this...) check out the other gems on Natalie's website.

In case you are wondering...Amanda Knox was on WAY past my bedtime last night (I KNOW Tamara.. I KNOW) so she is on the agenda this evening which looks a little something like this:

-Dog Food (ugh)
-Spray Tan (double ugh)
-Finish pinot noir bottle...(I hate wastefulness?)
-Amanda Knox
-Rachel Zoe Project if I have enough time

So SuPeR bUsY...

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