Not really...I mean favorite little NY tart was in Dallas this past weekend and I am SO glad I got to see her! Katy got all big city ambitious on us and moved to NY after college and we have missed her...while eating Mexican food...daily...hint hint #movebacktoTexas.  We decided to kick things off by doing what we do best in Dallas...brunch. 

We met at Social House (had not been yet) and I of course was the first one there.  I may or may not be the most timely person I loser timely.  I told the hostess how many we would have and then told her I would be at the bar trying to not look and feel awkward.  I ordered a mimosa, the bartender asked me if I would like to order the bottomless service...cute question...yes. Well...apparently Social House is into legal fees and liability because when you order bottomless mimosas you are given your own no option, here it is, scram. Not only was I the girl alone at the bar drinking, now I had my own carafe...yay?

The rest of the group arrived shortly, thank God, and we were seated at a pretty princess table on the patio...7 girls...and 7 carafes.  I mean I seriously don't have a lens that allowed me to get our entire alcohol situation in one picture.


The cheese stands alone.

After brunch, we grabbed our cars at valet and Diaz of course reminded me that I owed her $10 because Danielle betrayed me and made a girl and not a boy. Ohhhhh the Rangers shirt...I can't.

It was then errand running time for Kahn.  One of said errands included picking up a treadmill and a bike that Carebear bought at the neighbor's garage sale for get it...I'll work out more...MESSAGE RECEIVED DAD.  I told him I would get it later but needed to go to Central Market first...typical. I had to grab the makings for Mother's Day dinner Sunday...thats right...getting all super domestic and stuff.  The scene at CM was actually SUPER calm for a Saturday...until I got to the meat section and pulled a 49...they were on 28...F.

I was able to meet back up that night for some drinks with the girls.  We went to Corner Bar ok and as if I am not already aware of how much older I am getting...I turned into that old girl. I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir and then made comments such as:  "The music is kinda loud right? Did you see the way that girl is dancing? She is chugging Boone's Farm. She looks like she is at a NYE party."

At one point, we made a group trip to the restroom (because this will never get old for females) and encountered something rather interesting.  I mean there is no "dainty" way to tell this story so if you don't want to read it, please click on that little red box with an "x" at the top right-hand corner of your screen athankyou. Anyway....
So we walk in and form the beginning of a line because the stall is occupied.  It begins to take longer than usual...and then we all smell...the bar burning down?? Straight up fire, smoke smell all over the place.  This girl walks out and informs us that she wants to keep it real and was not exactly ummm going number one if you will...and needed to light some matches to hide the smell.
She was MUCH more crass but I'm trying to be sweet here ok.  She then made us promise (kid you not) to "not tell any boys".  We walked out of the restroom and AC, Mark, and Vince had arrived at the obviously we told them...and now I am blogging about it. 


I ended up heading home around 12:30am (CRA) just in time for Taco Bell to already be closed and just about the time Parnell GOT to Corner Bar.  He returned home at 5:07am...I can't.

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