Let me start by saying that Parnell had my camera at the lake all week to take some pictures for work.  I assumed (makes an ass out of u and me) when I got there that my camera would still be there. FALSE. Parnell took it back to Dallas just in time for me to NOT have it all weekend.  So, you are now stuck with my iPhone pictures.  I left after work on Friday, alone, and attempted to master Jason Mraz "I Won't Give Up."  I would like to think the many cars I passed appreciated my sense of passion...there may have been some arm motions involved. I also snapped this shot pulling into the lake (I swear the other 1/2 of my focus and one hand was on the road/wheel at all times). 

When I arrived, it was obviously wine and cheese o'clock. Parnell managed to find brie and gouda aka my favorite meal of all time in the tiny lake Brookshire's.  Diaz and I dominated a meal of cheese (normal) and some wine while we waited for the Shackelford's.  Once Wes and Desiree arrived the Friday night crew was complete. We basically did not leave the kitchen.  The evening consisted of more wine, quad stacked grilled cheese (our new record), catching Cheez Its in mouths, and double stuffing single stuff oreos.  I thank God once a week for sparing me from Lactose Intolerance.

We literally did this until 1:00am at which point Diaz and I looked at each other, high fived, did a jig and shouted how cool we were for staying up "so late". It was nice while it lasted but then we got anx that it was TOO late and scurried off to bed.  #newrecord

Saturday started off with a wine headache and a breakfast burrito because quite honestly those two go hand in hand. There is a place in town to get breakfast burritos called "Little Mexico" (typ) and they know Parnell by name ok.  They make these magical burritos with mashed potatoes instead of hash brown style potatoes.  It literally makes all the difference in the world and I don't quite understand how no one else has thought of this...
Fabulous for curing hunger, terrible for getting in a bathing suit.

After a mimosa (or two) it was time to make Diaz's built up Sangria.  We had 2 Target cubes (AMEN) but Diaz still insisted on making her own Gria in addition...details in the next post.

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