After we got burrito'ed and Sangria'ed the rest of the gang arrived for the day.  Parnell and I had told everyone not to bring food (trust me we had PLENTY) but some people/children just want what they want.  Insert Kayla's must haves for the day.

Yes, that is not one but two Lunchables.  I have not seen a Lunchable since '92 and I have to say, I am baffled that Kayla kids are still falling for that these days.  If my mom packed that for me I would rebel until I got money for dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  Not only was this her must bring item, but she sadly had to guard them becuase this happened if she didn't.

Like many of you out there, we watched the Derby.  I will go ahead and say (sorry Mitch) but our way of betting sucks.  Instead of picking the horse you actually think stands a chance, you put in money and draw which horse you then have to pretend you think stands a chance.  Mitch only put in the top 10 horses so Charming Kitten was out for me.  I instead drew Itsmyluckyday...clever...cute...bad punctuation...I was into it...until he failed me. 

After the shortest sporting event in the history of the world, it was time for a classic game of "P-I-G".  I knew we were in for it when Parnell attempted to bounce a shot off of his truck and Mark was referring to us as "Mean o's" (that was way harsh Ty).  After the most unsuccessful game that ever happened, it was time for the hot tub.  I for one, as a hot bodied sweaty (#truthhurts) by nature person do not get hot tubs.  You basically can't pay me to get in one unless I am in the middle of the mountains and it is literally snowing on my head.  I chose to sit on the side lines by the non Lunchable cheese tray while this was happening:

Before we knew it, it was time to eat, again. We Parnell grilled burgers while we all did nothing.  Earlier in the day, Wes and I went through the DVR at the lake and Parnell has been taping quiiiiiiite a few episodes of "Burger Land"...typ/typ that I chose to click on it.  We watched an episode in Wisconsin where "butter burgers" are all the rage.  This is literally a burger, toasted bun, sauteed onions, and a SLAB of butter on top.  You should have seen the gleam in Wes' eyes.  His infatuation with the butter burger was born.  It was all too convenient that we were having burgers for dinner, so Wes chose to make his first ever BB.  I have to say, it was not half bad.  If I can obsess over handle fried butter at the state fair, I got this BB thing.

The rest of the evening was spent burning off butter and burgers with wrestling moves and singing battles Pitch Perfect (#bestmovieever) style.

Until next time...

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