Yesterday at work it was all "THE STORM IS COMING" and "I NEED TO GET HOME" and "THIS WEATHER IS CRAZY." Some offices were being let go and closed early (not it) while I sat at my desk pretending it was a couch.  I basically checked out on the day, this included any hope of eating a healthy dinner.  I chatted Parnell and it was decided that we would order in and let someone else drive around in this mess-side note: I also had a bottle of open wine that needed pasta in order to be finished NEEDED IT.

I got home, poured a glass of red, and waited for our order (for like ever) while watching my recorded episode of Newlyweds The First Year...ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  This show is AMAZING and quite possibly my #1 guilty pleasure...well...after eating cheese as a complete meal. If you are watching it you probably lie when asked and if you aren't watching it, you are going to record one tonight and then lie about it when asked. Parnell watched with me and had about 11 comments per scene and A LOT of side eyes...A LOT.  Erin watches this (sorry to out you) and we have GOT to get together soon to recap.  If you want to feel like you have the most normal relationship in this show...promise you ok.

After a solid Newlywed sess our food arrived. We ordered from Romas and I have to tell is the best part of the order every.single.time.  We get the same delivery man each time and I mean...there is no way to say this other than...he is OBSESSED with me ok...Parnell can confirm this. He refers to me as "Jaclyn Smith" and basically asks for my autograph...I mean it's the credit card receipt BUT STILL...I feel like he might keep them. After I shut the door the first time, I obviously had to google who this Jaclyn tart was because I had no idea...

Thank you?

So then I would get all "you open the door Parnell, I don't want to sign autographs" (YES we used to order from there a lot ok BACK OFF).  Well...when Parnell answers he gets "so YOU are the man married to Jacyln Smith...what a LUCKY man." #cantmakethisup

I give you Jaclyn Smith's low cal dinner:

I then had a So You Think You Can Dance nightcap...yes...ending at 9:00pm qualifies as a nightcap on a school work night ok.

This little stuttering angel baby y'all...I can't.  I seriously had a half bottle of wine and crocodile tears situation going on. There would have been no justice in this world had he not made it to Vegas ok. 

Happy Hump Day!

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