So last night may not have gone exactly as I envisioned.  It began by finding out yesterday afternoon that due to this random weather we are having in Dallas today an outdoor work event was my department...for TONIGHT...inside.  Needless to say, we were a liiiiiiittle busy.  This also meant that I needed to now drop off Oliver in Allen (with the rents) yesterday instead of today as previously planned.  All I could think about was how this was all cutting into my precious pre-planned Amanda time. 

I got home expecting to let the dogs out and feed them quickly and then get started on my errands in order to get to the couch as soon as possible.  Those who know me, and know my...umm...stepdog(?) know that we go together like oil and vinegar.  Ask anyone...I have never liked labs...ever...(I am aware I am offending people-you're fine) so why would I start liking them at the ripe ole age of 28?  I let Khaki out for literally 3 minutes unsupervised while I dropped my things in the house and turned around to find this:

I only took one picture but please imagine this across an entire living room and kitchen floor...ERASE LIST.  I death gripped tugged his collar and forced asked him to come back outside.  I then plopped his not so tiny bod in the shallow end of the pool and gave him a ghetto bath reminding him the entire time how much he had let me down.  I then got all Cinderella on those floors minus the pretty singing voice and multi colored reflection bubbles.

By the time I was ready to make the journey to a far away land (Allen) it was almost 7:00pm.  It is SO cute that I thought there was NO way I was running into traffic on 75...SO cute.

When I finally arrived, I dropped Oliver inside my parents house like a hot potato with a contagious disease and turned right back around to get to the couch.  By the time I clicked "play" on the Amanda Knox interview it was 8:10pm...aka LATE...for Whitney.  Obviously I had a glass of wine that I DESERVED, and settled in to my DVR treat.

Let me start by saying, I am baffled that this was only one hour, BAFFLED.  Like I'm Dance Moms episode from Tuesday was two hours (Cathy: I LOATHE you), what is wrong with this picture? Overall, I was super let down by this interview.  I didn't hear one thing I hadn't already read or heard, like I needed Diane to dig a little deeper...for TWO hours.  I thought we were going to get like the Brokedown Palace inside the jail system in a foreign country with money in our bras and roaches in our ears scoop...not so much.  I still plan on reading her book the next time I feel like reading.  Basically what I took away from this is that Amanda and Parnell are the only two people I can think of that have zero desire to vacation in Italy.

I definitely did not have time for any of my Bravo shows and will be working this evening, so...back to being behind on the DVR for me.

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