I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! The holiday registered much higher on my radar this year considering I have several friends that are now mothers or soon to be and by "several" I mean like everyone...BABIES EVERYWHERE. Parnell and I had both families over to our place for dinner.  We don't have a dining room or a dining room table per say (drives me insane) but we work with what we have...which involves pulling out an extra table when entertaining.

One thing you should know about Oliver...most "helpful" animal ever. 

This is what we work with when we have dinner at our place.  The black table is the constant and the green table is the backup. 
Unfortunately that flag is a constant as well #Parnellsflagmuseum

I can't go to Central Market and NOT buy flowers so...

Once the doorbell rang it was time for apps...ahhhhhhh apps.

We hung out, chatted, had some drinks and watched the moms open their gifts.

We got Wendy an Anthropologie scarf and some Laura Mercier bath products.  Wendy loves her some LM in "fig" (AMAZEBALLS) and has more scarves than underwear.  Like I'm not sure I have seen her repeat a scarf now that I am thinking about it. Sally loves all things beach, ocean, and flamingos.  We saw this picture at an art show and knew it needed to be in Sally's house. 

After gifts, while we cooked up a storm, I asked Chase to take some pictures with my camera since he knows what he is doing and not.

We had mini twice baked potatoes (I mean cutest things ever ok), green beans with pine nuts, rolls that I bought baked all morning from scratch, and filets.

NOT gross if I may say so myself.

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