At Diaz's bachelorette party, we had her answer questions to see if she could match Mark's responses.  One was "What is the best meal Ashley cooks?"  Diaz answered "Pad Thai" super confidently and then added some more commentary about just how much Mark loved it including phrases such as "ate it all" and "he couldn't get enough".  This guess was lovely until we got to the answers for "What is the worst meal Ashley cooks?"  Mark's answer: "Pad Thai".  Insert Diaz's drunken laughing tears here.
NOTE: His answer for BEST was "Macaroni and cheese, the kind out of the box".  HAD to Diaz.

I recently had the chance to taste Diaz's "much improved" pad thai.  Let's just say there was no actual sauce in the dish because Diaz "doesn't like peanuts" and pizza was ordered.  Needless to say, I was a little hesitant but outwardly encouraging (sue me once I had a Target cube I didn't care) when she said she was making her own Sangria at the lake.  The process began with her forgetting all the ingredients in Dallas and sending Mark out for them on the burrito run. #minorsetback

Once she got to making it, my hopes increased when I realized there was NOTHING to there is NO way she can mess this up-right?

I would like to think that my reaction to the Sangria was not because it was BAD, but because Diaz chose to measure the Vodka in a drinking glass...not a measuring cup...and said glass was larger than 1 cup.  Within an hour you could tell who had had which Sangria.  I asked Diaz to share the "recipe" for her Gria and she sent me the following:

1 bottle of your fav white wine
About 1 cup or a little more of peach vod or (about half a liter of decide)
1 bottle of flavored sparkling peach/mango water
Frozen peaches and strawberries to make it look cool
Thinly sliced oranges to make it look even cooler
Refrigerate for about an hour. Then enjoy!


I MAY have felt very sweet that morning and told Diaz she was our "little mixologist" only to overhear her throughout the day telling different people "It has been said that I am a bit of a mixologist".  She reaaaaaaally takes compliments to heart ok.  I also told her she looked cute in Kayla's sunglasses and she turned around and told Mark "I need to get these everyone says I look so good in them." Either I looked bad enough in my swimsuit to be referred to as "everyone" or my opinon is valued VERY highly by her.  I choose the latter.

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