Nodding Donkey is the new go to brunch spot.  Bottomless mimosas, no EVER, and good me. Erin, Tamara, Boo, and I met Mark and Diaz (Mark loved it ok) for what is now becoming my Sunday routine. Mark and Diaz chose to go responsible style and order their mimosas by the glass instead of bottomless.  When asked why, Diaz responded "we have to go grocery shopping after this"...true story.  Mark had big dreams about grilling bacon stuffed burgers (Parnell don't get ideas) at his parent's house later, that apparently require a low blood alcohol level to master. Mark also ordered the same thing as seriously...everyone was all up on my orders last weekend.

I am still not 100% what I ate, but I will 100% order it again.
After going hard on brunch and additional mimosas, it was time to get in a bathing suit.  WHY do I always do this to myself? We had girl time at the Parnell Palace as Boo refers to it with some Jon and Jenn on top for a hot sec when they walked over to say hi. We went through an entire Target sangria cube and a few bottles of white wine...judge away but there were FOUR of us, I find the numbers acceptable.

When Erin had had enough sun (literally-she was burned), she decided it was obviously time to go down the slide and do tricks off the diving board.  Mimosa/sangria/wine Erin was cocky ok and I loved it. Boo captured this picture after we convinced her she needed to work on her facials.  I can't...

In true Tamara fashion...she was not having it just sitting on the side lines ok.  Tam got up and we had ourselves an official toe touch diving board battle.  I literally could not stop laughing because it was so amazing...until Tam realized she lost an earring in the pool #missingkendrascottisnotfunny. I mean this was followed by a lot of serious glances, then "FOUND IT"s, then dives (we never found it...). Parnell got home about this time and proclaimed (in an I'm a badass voice) "I will find it for you Tam...and I don't even need goggles...I can open my eyes under water." Parnell has yet to get in the water and look.

We remained outside until I fell asleep on a lougne chair using a towel as a blanket.  Bethany, Mitch, and Todd came by (we are really popular ok) and I had to tuck and roll to bed while the party was still "raging."  I woke up about 4 hours before Tamara and Parnell Monday and took care of this situation.

I'm still on the fence of whether or not I would have rather been at work.

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