Chase and I popped into The Great Gatsby this weekend with high hopes and expectations.  I for one thought the trailers were nothing short of AMAZEBALLS.  Leonardo DiCaprio can also do no wrong in my eyes...NONE.  He will forever be Jack and I will never let go.  Yantis and I once had a passionate gchat discussion on how the F Leo has managed to NOT win an Oscar yet.  It appears to me that everyone in the academy is a weeee bit jealous.  Anyway...we go see the 3D because after all...why D if it isn't 3?

3D...good call. Tobey Maguire...bad call.

I did this to myself.  I can't stand Tobey Maguire.  There is something incredibly irritating about that little tart to me.  I have read the book (love), I knew his character was a major character...I was just hoping Baz would cast him, pay him, joke around with him, and then send him to like run errands while they filmed. I found myself hoping that they deviated the plot of the movie from the book and Nick Carraway was about to be a goner...but it kept NOT happening.

I also HATE to say I am getting physically ill typing this (or I'm hungry) BUT...I didn't LOVE Leo in this...AHHHHH EEEEEEK I KNOWWWWWWWW (I'm sorry Yantis).
He was so un Robert Redford in a bad way.  I needed him to take charge more, stop fidgeting so much, and tell Daisy whats up.  Instead he just seemed scared and I don't know...timid? I mean if he gets nominated I will do a cartwheel and be all like "TEAM LEO" but I'm not holding my breath. This was a lot to live up to...


After the movie, Chase and I went and grabbed lunch at 20 Feet.  I have been wanting to try this place so badly but 90% of my meals are consumed with Parnell and they don't have chicken fried steak or a burger here (love you babe) so it is always vetoed. 

Ahhhh FINALLY.  After I took this picture, Chase gave me more credit than I deserved and asked if I did that because we were given #20 and I saw the irony...ummm...yeahhhhh...totally saw that....ummm...for sure...(no).
I was not aware upon arrival that this establishment was changer.  Not only do I adore BYOB restaurants, but I adore good ones...and this one was legit.

We split a lobster roll, fried oyster po'boy (with oysters the size of a hamster), and garlic fries.  I was not remotely sad about any of it.  I shall return...with a bottle of pinot grigio.

Happy Hump Day kids!


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