Last night Parnell and I went to The Porch for dinner.  We average The Porch about once a week (ser) and hadn't been in like...two weeks (GASP). I knew we were in for a treat when we walked in the door and there were about 15 pretty princess pink Starbursts on top of the Starburst bowl.  SCORE.  This leaves me completely confused as to why I never see a pack of straight up pink in stores.  Based on evidence at The Porch, I am not the only one that finds the rest of the flavors/colors a complete waste of space and time.

Moving on.

Obviously we ordered an app.  Appetizers are my favorite part of any meal.  Mexican? Queso me. Italian? There BETTER be bread. One day I aspire to open a restaurant that combines my two favorite things: "Apps Then Naps."  Picture some lovely lounge furniture and apps only...Heaven. One of the apps featured in my fictional restaurant would be hummus.  Hummus in my face. Hummus also happens to be one of the few foods Parnell and I agree on...go figure.  The Porch has a legit hummus with pita bread that literally just came down on a cloud from the land of delightful carbs.

I may or may not have been so hungry that I forgot to photograph our meals much to Parnell's relief.  I got the mussels (ALWAYS) and Parnell got the chicken poppers and fries.  I love when he orders this because it means I get a few fries on the side dipped in their bomb honey mustard...liiiiiike what is in that gem of a condiment?

In all of my visits to The Porch, I have NEVER ordered, tried, or tasted the butter cake. Last night I was feeling CRAZY and adventurous ...and we/I ordered it.

I should have never tried this little beast.  I'm not 100% sure of what I was eating exactly but I am 100% sure I did NOT burn it off in my spin class today.  I mean cheese and rice it's called "Gooey Butter Cake" like the contents can NOT be good.  After inhaling this, I got all ultra fat and asked Parnell how much he thinks they would charge for a Gooey Butter Cake sheet cake for my next birthday (hint hint).  We ended our fat fab dinner by taking the following:

I know ok...I have a lot of food on my napkin...I get it.  #musslesaremessy

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