Raise your hand if you are super tired from this too ok. Friday was the start to a pretty much non stop weekend.  I had a work event (rehearsal dinner-LONG story) which was beyond entertaining in an I would rather not be here than be entertained in this way kind of way. The dinner then ran WAY over the time I was leaving in my head so I had no choice but to meet Tamara and crew in my work outfit...which was lame...

For some reason, someone other than myself decided we should all go to Common Table instead of sitting at someone's house with this weather (if I had used a filter it would have been "The World Is Ending" ok):

By the time I made my way to the restaurant in this weather with some rain and wind on top in THAT outfit I was patting myself on the back...way to rally Friday is notoriously my most lame evening of the week, which for someone who averages an 8:00pm bedtime is saying alot.

Within minutes of finding our table, we were ordering wine and calamari and my seating assignment did not suck (you ALL know those large group dinners when your neighbor is not your favorite...DONT LIE)  #winning.

Once my first glass of wine went down like water after a 5K (I have NO idea what that is actually like but I am pretending) it was time to order and make bad decisions.  I have only been to Common Table for dinner one time and I had the grilled cheese.  I remember thinking "this is so cooooooo" so deh-I ordered it again.  It comes with pork on it...which I don't even like...which has nothing to do with watching a pig get slaughtered in college (it was a class ok)..I just think overall it's a sad lame meat.  WELL some little brilliant fat person thought "let's serve this porky grilled cheese with marinara sauce" and boy or girl I could kiss them for the thought...AMAZEBALLS.

After some food domination we sat around and chatted and popped bottles belly buttons. read that correctly.  Bethany started laughing and then got a look of complete FEAR across her face and said "OMG I LOST MY BELLY BUTTON!"  I'm sorry...whaaa? Yes my friends, Bethany's normal pregnant belly button turned into an outie like before our the while I was still eating fries.  She had the biggest case of the sads while she pouted that she had "been holding on to that." Then she asked if we wanted to yes. Bethany is such a champ about letting us fondle her stomach.  I was double fisting a wine glass or french fries and her stomach for a majority of the evening.

That grilled cheese got around ok (because I was being so thin and didn't eat it all...).
As we were waiting for the check, I waited for what I knew was coming...Tamara to make additional plans.  Within minutes, that tart was on her phone and then told me "let's go have A drink and see Trev" aka baby McDonald aka Tam's brother. I agreed to THAT work outfit...thats right...pat on back.

We arrived at Black Friar (I CANT) and tried to find Trevor.  We were the only people there over the age of 23 or drinking wine. I tried to act all fun and young but it was tough ok...I was NOT sad when we left. 

We left and MAY have gone to Taco Bell.  IT JUST HAPPENED. I know...we JUST ate dinner...I'm aware.  We took TB back to the casa and opened about a bottle of wine per person.  I then decided to get my camera out and take over of Oliver because "ugh he is the most precious thing ever."  Out of the 100+ I took...NONE are good pictures...not one #havemorewinewhitney.  When I felt I could hang no longer, I looked at the time and it was 3:00am...yes, as in the number after 2 and before NOPE.  I do not have what it takes to be a McDonald.

Saturday started out a liiiiiittle rough as you can imagine...and it was TAYLOR SWIFT day so obviously I locked it up and lived to blog about it...more to come.


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