This jam packed weekend started off with Danielle and JP hosting a gender reveal party Friday for Baby Mack.  As stated in my previous post, I was SET on this child being a boy (for selfish and sweet reasons).  When it came time to choose my pink or blue gear I was all in ($10 don't judge) on TEAM BLUE.


Now is the time when I mention the fact that I am very rarely correct or win...anything.  My Dice with Buddies win ratio is a 47%, I have not won a single dollar on a scratch off, I reach the point in an argument where I realize I am incorrect and refuse to let on or admit it DAILY.  So in true "Whitney can't guess, predict, or bet on anything correctly" fashion...Baby Mack is a GIRL!

(Sloane is not impressed)

Danielle had cake balls (yes please) for the big reveal.  I was in the way way of the party outside and completely missed the biting instructions.  It was explained that only ONE cake ball contained color indicating the sex of the baby.  We all bit into our cake balls and mine was white...I didn't want to be the guest that dragged the party down so I kept it to myself that mine was a "faulty cake ball".  Diaz on the other hand LOST IT.  (Please read in the lowest voice you can make without coughing while still breathing-that's what she sounded like ok) "YOSSSSSSSSSSSS I GOT IIIIIIIIIITTTT ITS A GIRLLLLLLL YOSSSSSSSSS" During this episode I am just thinking that Diaz has had some wine and is feeling competitive since she and I bet on the boy/girl situation and she chose girl...little did I know that she got like THE cake ball, to announce THE she was it.  Then I got all re-annoyed (I'm making that a word) that I didn't get said special cake ball and said special cake ball wasn't BLUE...$10 down the drain-TIMES ARE TOUGH OK).


After we knew what was cooking in Danielle, it was time for actual food.  We dominated some apps and za and then came out the ice cream pies.  Oh my Lord.  Are you sitting down for this explanation?  The first time I met an ice cream pie was at Danielle's bachelorette weekend.  BIG MISTAKE.  Basically, you select a Blue Bell flavor of choice (difficult enough as is) and then put it onto an oreo cookie crust in a pie dish.  You let those two mix and mingle and get along then throw in their third friend Mr. chocolate fudge on top.  YALL...those sweet together (pun could not be more intended).

Mint chocolate chip ice cream pie...NOT gross.

CONGRATS to the parents to be and to everyone else...SAVE SOME GIRLS FOR ME.

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