Parnell recently supported my documentary kick by watching Which Way is the Front Line From Here with me.  I will preface this post by saying that I do not like war, not in like a make peace not war way, but in like a this is semi boring me and I don't get what they are trying to do way. Movies regarding war typically are not my thing (I was 100% Team Avatar over The Hurt Locker). I had seen an article about Tim Hetherington on Daily Mail...the ONLY source for news in my opinion and was interested, so when we stumbled upon this documentary it was a go. 

Maybe it was because I am such a super serious photographer now (I kid...kinda) but I loved this documentary.  I stayed up past 9:00pm to watch it (woah).  Watching this totally normal (not terrible looking) man with so much potential leave America to go to Libya and take pictures of war was INSANE (I kind of don't even know where Libya even is ok #geographyisnotmything).

Tim sadly died from shrapnel wounds following an explosion while photographing from the front line...hence the title.  I would love to watch his documentary Restrepo but Parnell and I were having a liiiiittle trouble finding it on demand...wah.

I highly recommend pressing "record" on this one if you have time in between So You Think You Can Dance episodes (oh how I have missed it). Speaking of, I did not watch last night's episode (8pm??? where is the 7pm showing?) so if you chat me today be sweet and don't bring it up athankyou.

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