I say this every Friday but y'all...this weekend is packed.
Tonight I will be attending NKOTB, Boyz II Men, and 98 degrees...this MIGHT be my third time to see NKOTB in the past few years...judge away. 

I'm like already screaming. 

Saturday the fun continues with Erin's baby shower! We went with a unisex theme since she is not finding out the sex...I can't...still not thrilled with that decision but I will be supportive and love her anyway ok. 

Oh-and for all 4 of you that are interested...I cut my hair this week...I KNOW. Long haired girls will catch my drift ok but like what is the deal with hairdressers? You give them an inch and they take a my hair is ALWAYS shorter than I wanted it to be. I have attached an awkward bathroom selfie for your viewing entertainment. 

I had to go drink/eat off my anx at Max's Wine Dive...I felt a liiiiiiittle better. 

Happy weekend kids!


I mean I am sure Parnell and Mark had a fabulous time last weekend in San Antonio ok but I'm telling y'all...they could not wait for the car ride home on Sunday with the girls.
Said car ride began by getting gas two feet from the Yantis' like...not getting very far.  I am SO glad we stopped because Parnell bought me the most amazing gift...from the gas station...

No but seriously...I LOVE it.

We then got in the groove of things and decided to stop off at the San Marcos outlet mall...yes...
I was so well behaved and did not take out my credit card ONCE (I asked P for his and he said no...rude). I will say things would be different if we had a U-Haul with us...and the Pottery Barn outlet would have been a different story. As Diaz and I raced through, I noticed so many items on our registry were in the outlet.  Parnell then announced to Diaz and Mark that now would be a good time to get our gift and save some money...I can't.

While at the outlets, we decided to pop into Johnny Rockets.  I had Johnny Rockets back in the way way in junior high and high school when it was in the Galleria.  Well quite honestly I forgot about that little gem of a burger joint until our most recent trip to the Riviera Maya airport.  Parnell and I made a beeline for the counter (maxed out on fish tacos). We rarely agree on food but we were both in love ok. Upon returning to the U.S. I googled where the closest Johnny Rockets was...SPEEDZONE.  I draw the line ok...that JR/SpeedZone date had still yet to crappen so you know we were both thrilled when we talked the Hutchings into it at the outlets.

Like I'm sorry...nacho cheese on the fries? Ketchup faces? SOLD.

We left the outlets with full stomachs and a new Hartmann bag for Mark (rude) and headed out on the great adventure back to Dallas. Diaz and I had a fabulous post burger/veggie burger that we think had chicken in it nap.  I woke up to Parnell and Mark discussing the first aid kit in the back seat to assist with P's BLEEDING say what?

Yes ok.  How he did this we will never know. Once he was patched up and vital signs looked was time to celebrate DQ...because that's what I like about Texas.

After I finished my entire cone that I was "just going to have a little of" we had neared the end of our trip (sadly for the boys). Can't wait for the next road trip where I don't drive.


Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Before the glow sticks came out (more on that later), we had a chance to soak in the scenery and decor while dominating tasting a full on Mexican buffet.  I hadn't asked Gill beforehand what we were eating but I should have known queso would be involved ok. 

As the sun was setting, the children in attendance took that as their cue to begin glow stick preparation.  This involved taking all glow sticks out of the container and cracking them so they all lit up.  I am an adult and past the joy of cracking the glow stick but someone Ashley Diaz is not. That tart stood right up, walked over to them, kneeled down to their level (this is getting ser) and stated "You need to share...can you save some glow sticks for other people?  It's not fair for you to have ALL of them."

Diaz must have a way with children because she returned to the table with about 6 glow sticks around her neck and as far as I am concerned, no child was harmed in getting them.

So...glow sticks were had and cigars were distributed...and then...things just got out of nowhere #openbar. Unborn children raved and the bride sang "Jackson" on stage. 

Aaaaaaand I shall leave you with this gem...
You're welcome. 

Thank you to Gill and Russ for showing us all such a great time!


Emily got married at the beautiful La Cantera resort in San Antonio.  I MAY have been a sweaty mess but like...when am I not? You will notice in the pictures that Gill (Emily) was rocking the yellow, black, and white theme to perfection. 

 On the way to the reception, Diaz borrowed some Pink Pop and got SASS...per usual. I on the other hand got SWASS...similar spelling totally different situation. 

Up next...the reception!


Welp...another great weekend has come and gone.  We had such a great time visiting San Antonio for Russ and Emily's wedding weekend. 

We didn't head out of town until about 6:00 on Friday due to work schedules and car trouble (Parnell fail).  Once we were on the road, Diaz and I tried to engage the boys in conversation and in return got "can yall start watching a movie?"  We watched like AN episode of Friends and gave up...we both got car sickness ok. We then decided to stop and have a super leisurely dinner at Chili's. I may have had a few glasses of wine and was ready to get dug in and nap in the back seat for the remainder of the ride.  We pulled into SA before midnight and chatted Yantis (char for staying up for us) before heading off to bed. 

In the morning, after Yantis and I had talked ourselves out of a work out, Diaz swooped in and pressured us.  We were going to do Danielle's run/walk pregnancy work out because she like...hasn't gained weight (I CAN'T) but instead Diaz got all I'm so thin and running is so fun on us and like never told us it was time to walk.

After continuing to drip sweat and swass all over the Yantis' beautiful home, it was pool time...with champagne...deh.  I wish I got a picture of my most awkward chest burn ever.  Reallyyyyyy eliminated a few if my dress options for the evening ok.  Sometimes that convenient spray sunscreen is not your friend. 

After the staff at the AtYantis Resort aka Lindsey's parents picked up some sammies from a bakery that I could consume daily, it was time to get ready/take a power nap in the shower...yes...I do should try it. Before we headed out the door, Diaz broke her shoe and everyone was on high alert to fix it because the child only brought one shoe option #rookiemistake. 

I will leave you with a few snaps of the crew en route to the wedding...I'll be back this week with pictures from Emily's gorg event! 


Happy Friday! It's been a long, sweaty road to get here this week...but I made it. Parnell and I finally slept in a/c last night and it was so cool...pun intended. Today we are heading to San Antonio (sorry bout ya Spurs) to attend Emily and Russ' wedding at the oh so pretty La Cantera.  This journey will consist of Diaz and I napping/watching movies in the back of Mark's car while the boys chill in front/stay awake. Diaz promised me "something with Mary Kate and Ashley."  Last time we rode together, Mark and Parnell turned on my seat heater while I was sleeping and led me to believe upon waking up that my sweating problem was even more serious than I thought. 

I can't wait to catch up with everyone and see this little peach become a Mrs.!

Happy wedding weekend to the future Liners!


Ok so...the A/C is still out at the Kahn/Parnell can't. It is fingers crossed getting fixed today and if not...I will be in Allen, Texas hanging out with Wendy in her air conditioned home.

Last night while P was at the lake and I was suffering stuffing ice packs under my neck and knees (truth), I attempted to have dips for dinner in our sun room with the window unit blaring like woah.  The lack of cool air was totally ruining my dips consistency but did I dominate them anyway?  OBVI. I will spare you a picture of my cheese for dinner #beentheredonethat.  I also had a chance to catch up on my DVR.  I have three words...Pretty.Wicked.Moms.

If you aren't watching this yet...1) start 2) start like tonight.

Don't think I haven't been checking out Emily's inventory at skank Swank.

I guess I am a full-fledged skank (sorry mom) because I like a lot of the stuff.  Right? Anyone? Or am I in a skank/Swank corner all alone? Sue me but when Emily decided to "swank" out Meredith...I wanted pretty much every item she tried on...until the moment got awkward regarding her bout of amnesia at her wedding ok.

I feel like leading a slow clap for MyLifetime...and taking a trip to Atlanta...who's with me?

SWASSTASTIC matter what you did last night your night was better than mine...congratulations. I was at a work event when I received an email from Parnell.  He started all fun and games style "hey babe" and it quickly escalated into "our A/C is out." COME AGAIN? Ummm yes...A/C an already hotter than most JUNE. Needless to say, I wasn't in the hugest hurry to get home after work and may have stopped by Central Market (I'm telling 4 times a week) for my favorite bottle of white CHILLED.

I spent the rest of my evening obviously complaining, swassing, and attempting to watch So You Think You Can Dance announce their top 20 while the A/C repair man chatted P and interrupted my TV time.  I remembered about 10 minutes into being home that I had offered to pick up dinner for us while I was at Central Market and forgot...but made it out with my wine #priorities.  I made it up to Parnell by cooking ordering za from Lovers Pizza #sideofranch. 

I literally took my first bite of za and it was time to find out Megan Branch's fate.

I was nervous because they had not featured her this audition process but I knew she was there because I am creepy like that and had seen glimpses of her ok. She got to this same point last year and they cut her...and then they had the nerve to do it again this year.  I CAN'T. I literally was PISSED.  I couldn't even finish my pizza/I had three slices after I calmed down and only stopped because there was no ranch left BUT STILL. I am livid...I am possibly boycotting the season...I won't really do that but it felt good to type it.


I then drowned my sorrows in youtube watching, going back to LoFro's season with the opener "Fame" and I felt a liiiiiiiittle better ok.

I hope everyone had a lovely air conditioned evening.

Happy hump day!


Ok ok have no fear, I got home with PLENTY of time from my work event to finish True Blood. I MAY have also had some leftover cheese to consume on the couch...

The green one looks sketch but it was PESTO...I was completely ok with it. I know you are probably thinking "ugh this chick eats a meal of cheese like 6 days a week" and you would be correct.  I would like to take a moment to think of all of those that struggle daily with lactose poor POOR souls ok.

So...back to in True Blood not Taco Bell (don't get me started).

So obviously this season is going to be like super war-ish (now it's a word...get over it).  I need it to be a little more like make love not with Eric and Sookie. Gah as I type that I feel an inner conflict because I also love Eric with his sister Nora...if you don't watch the show don't worry...vampires can do that and its not wierd...or illegal.

No matter who hooks up falls in laaaaa...I am thrilled to have another favorite show to keep me going on Sunday nights. 

On a side note, I hope all 316 people that had a birthday yesterday had a fabulous one. Like was yalls "events" section on FB not out of control?? How do so many people share the June 17th birthday? BAFFLING. I didn't write on all of their walls ok #sueme...I got tired.


 Hi kids! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Mine started off by Parnell and I trying this new restaurant...drum roll...

Has anyone tried this place?
(sarcasm font)
We hadn't been in a solid two weeks so I KNEW P would be itching for popcorn chicken in his face.  I haven't really read the menu in like a year but was feeling CRAZY and took a look.  Upon inspection, I found fried cheese for Parnell...BOOM.

Not gross.

We passed on butter cake and called it a night (pat on back). When we got home I begged P to rent Gangster Squad and watch it with me...I remember Ryan Gosling's face on the screen for about 2 minutes before I passed out...Friday's are tough yall.

I woke up Saturday and actually went to Boot Camp #getitgirl...followed by a high calorie lunch at R&D with Parnell and his other half Mitch oh aaaaaand a ticket for an expired inspection months expired...PARNELL'S FAULT.  He needs to point these things out ok. From there we hit up an estate sale...yes...

Mitch does not mess around ok...look at that concentration.  He scored some records of people I haven't really heard of that looked super old for $2 each and was thrilled so I let him have his moment ok.

From there we attended Claire Bryan's first birthday (with pinot grigio...good parents) and then wrapped up the evening on a three way date at Cane Rosso. SO romantical.

Sunday was all about Carebear, well...and I had to fit in a trip to Ikea.  I'm sorry...Ikea is hilarious.

I then ventured home for burgers instead of spaghetti by the pool BUT STILL. Oh...and ice cream was hot outside we HAD to.

I will be watching True Blood tonight because I fell asleep last night (GASP) I knowwwwwww.