After I stayed out Friday night like the sixth longest I ever have, I woke up Saturday with one mission in mind...HAD to find a bag for Bethany's baby gift...aka the Bumbo.  Why oh WHY must that thing come in an OCTAGON box? I ended up going to the Super Target by our house opposed to the regular Target.  If you want a super bag, you need to go to a Super Target.  I ended up finding an ugly bag that was at least green and blue...if it had been pink and purple I still would have purchased it #sorrybabyluke.  I stuck that bad boy in half of my backseat and called it a day, grateful that no one likes me enough to have asked to carpool to the shower.

I arrived at said shower 5 minutes early and became the first "non hostess" guest.  Story of my life. I'm sorry, but life is too short to be late.  I walked up and could see Tamara laughing at me through the window, only to enter and hear "told y'all she would be first"...whatever #moremimosasforme.

The baby shower was of course adorable and I have never seen anyone open gifts faster than Bethany...take note future mothers.

I snagged a picture of Bethany with all of her hostesses.

After the shower, a few of us hung out and finished off the food and know...just to help out. I also had the opportunity to hold Beth's baby Chase...obviously I am partial to the name but I mean...PUFFIN...and he loved me...and I love babies that love me ok.

After our fill of babies and mimosas, it was time to transition into wine, cheese, and za...naturally. We headed to Jill's house and I brought some random block of $5.00 white cheddar from Tom Thumb that I would like to meet again. After hanging out for a bit, we headed to Cane Rosso's new location in White Rock.  I could not have dated the patio harder #willbereturning.

After we had literally taken our last bites, it started to rain (good thing my hair already looked TERRIBLE).  While the rest of us started to gather our wine glasses and belongings, this was DeeDee's solution:

We finished our wine inside and closed out before heading to Times Ten for a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle more wine.

Between the late hour and the rain, we weren't at Times Ten long.  During our short visit, we made our waitress chuckle by including her ininappropriate texts (I'll leave it at that Tamara) and conversations, witnessed a girl COMPLETELY wipe out and not help but laugh at just happened ok, and I exchanged numbers with Erin.  She saved me in her phone as "KAHN'T GET ENOUGH"...ultimate shout out.

In other news, I woke up with a full on cold this morning, which means I had to get a huge latte on the way to work, I will 99.9% have a cheese related dinner, and I will go to bed while the sun is still up with a night mask.  After typing that last sentence, I realize I live my life in a constacold state. Not sad about it...

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