Ok ok have no fear, I got home with PLENTY of time from my work event to finish True Blood. I MAY have also had some leftover cheese to consume on the couch...

The green one looks sketch but it was PESTO...I was completely ok with it. I know you are probably thinking "ugh this chick eats a meal of cheese like 6 days a week" and you would be correct.  I would like to take a moment to think of all of those that struggle daily with lactose poor POOR souls ok.

So...back to in True Blood not Taco Bell (don't get me started).

So obviously this season is going to be like super war-ish (now it's a word...get over it).  I need it to be a little more like make love not with Eric and Sookie. Gah as I type that I feel an inner conflict because I also love Eric with his sister Nora...if you don't watch the show don't worry...vampires can do that and its not wierd...or illegal.

No matter who hooks up falls in laaaaa...I am thrilled to have another favorite show to keep me going on Sunday nights. 

On a side note, I hope all 316 people that had a birthday yesterday had a fabulous one. Like was yalls "events" section on FB not out of control?? How do so many people share the June 17th birthday? BAFFLING. I didn't write on all of their walls ok #sueme...I got tired.

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