Last night I started to feel semi human again but not well enough to forgo cheese for dinner. Chase was staying at mi casa and had...wait for it...NEVER BEEN TO COAL on (and they have cheese) win/win.

Upon first impressions Chase got all "they need someone to help them rebrand" (I won't disagree but he can be a little font/logo snobby). Once we were seated and greeted with those garlic truffle oil fried zucchini  pieces of magic, his fears subsided.

We ordered some wine (obviously) and a ceasar salad because quite frankly they might have my favorite one in Dallas.  I really need to bring Carebear here because the man loves a solid ceasar.  Wendy bet me on Mother's Day that Carebear was going in for a ceasar before he ordered...well...he shocked everyone and went rogue ordering something else (gasp).  Wendy...if you are reading this today...I'll send you a link to my selection.

Normal people would have been quite happy with this pre dinner situation.  I however, am a chunky app lover and Chase is a thin foodie (life can be unfair I have learned) so this was not going to suffice.  Enter the seafood risotto cake.  I am still not positive what we were eating but I'm positive I want to eat it again.

We then got super CRA and ordered the special...YES...I abandoned the white special za for like the ACTUAL special. I convinced myself that if I got a case of the sads and missed the white special too much that I could come back in a few days tomorrow and get it. The special last night was: prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, and garlic?? (I forget...sue me).  It was so coo and came on wheat crust to boot which I didn't even know Coal Vines was into. Ours was so coo/good looking that the table next to us asked what it was and then ordered it.  I must say, as someone who has purchased prosciutto for a cheese tray or two...there was like $40 worth on our za...#bestdealintown.

After we wrapped up dinner, I headed home to get horizontal and Chase went to some concert of some artist with some name I can't pronounce.  I know from facebook that others went and were into it #feelingold.  You know what also makes me feel old? SUMMER INTERNS. Can I get an amen? Like...they are ALL over our office and you can spot them from a mile away...fresh faced little angel babies.  I used to get mistaken for one...ugh...sigh...those days are gone.

TGIF tarts!

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