Last night, as you know, we celebrated the birth of one miss Ashley Diaz.  As predicted, there was sweat.  There were shots.  There were cheese fries (amen). We started off the evening by Diaz getting "iced"...yes...apparently people still do that #letitdie.

We then moved into chit chat, catching up, and me attempting to get some wine.  I asked our waitress for pinot grigio and after a journey to the moon and back she informed me that they were all out. I then asked for sauvignon blanc...NOPE...out of that too. She did recommend "a great Spanish wine that is similar to sauvignon blanc." I'll take it. She brought a glass and it wasn't gross. Boo ended up getting a glass of the same wine and we decided to dive on in and get a bottle.  When the bottle was delivered to our table it straight up said "sauvignon blanc"...BLESS HER HEART ok.

I was fortunate enough to be sitting in the PERFECT spot.  People were ordering cheese fries left and right all around me ok and Katy Trail Ice House happens to have top notch ranch... #couldnotsayno.

Diaz borrowed some of Boo's pink pop and got SASS.  For those of you who don't know, pink pop is the latest lipstick Boo...BUT STILL. When Diaz puts on pink pop she completely tranforms ok...and not in a positive way.  For $5.99 and a trip to Walgreens you can have yourself a SASS rude Diaz...tempting?

After she got all pink pop on us, she tried to recruit this sketchy "performer" posted up on the Katy Trail drinking from a flask hidden in the bushes while wearing old school roller skates.

After the biggest hype in America, this cat did like A turn on those skates.  I have seen better moves at Sonic waiting on a chicken club toaster.

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