Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Before the glow sticks came out (more on that later), we had a chance to soak in the scenery and decor while dominating tasting a full on Mexican buffet.  I hadn't asked Gill beforehand what we were eating but I should have known queso would be involved ok. 

As the sun was setting, the children in attendance took that as their cue to begin glow stick preparation.  This involved taking all glow sticks out of the container and cracking them so they all lit up.  I am an adult and past the joy of cracking the glow stick but someone Ashley Diaz is not. That tart stood right up, walked over to them, kneeled down to their level (this is getting ser) and stated "You need to share...can you save some glow sticks for other people?  It's not fair for you to have ALL of them."

Diaz must have a way with children because she returned to the table with about 6 glow sticks around her neck and as far as I am concerned, no child was harmed in getting them.

So...glow sticks were had and cigars were distributed...and then...things just got out of nowhere #openbar. Unborn children raved and the bride sang "Jackson" on stage. 

Aaaaaaand I shall leave you with this gem...
You're welcome. 

Thank you to Gill and Russ for showing us all such a great time!

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