Happy Friday! It's been a long, sweaty road to get here this week...but I made it. Parnell and I finally slept in a/c last night and it was so cool...pun intended. Today we are heading to San Antonio (sorry bout ya Spurs) to attend Emily and Russ' wedding at the oh so pretty La Cantera.  This journey will consist of Diaz and I napping/watching movies in the back of Mark's car while the boys chill in front/stay awake. Diaz promised me "something with Mary Kate and Ashley."  Last time we rode together, Mark and Parnell turned on my seat heater while I was sleeping and led me to believe upon waking up that my sweating problem was even more serious than I thought. 

I can't wait to catch up with everyone and see this little peach become a Mrs.!

Happy wedding weekend to the future Liners!

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