It's me again.  I could not be more over a day. I spent last night ordering Chinese food with and sour soup in my face/on my burning throat and attempting to watch the CMT awards.  About 11 minutes in, I remembered that I am over all award shows unless its the Oscars...and even thennnnnn.  I made the incredibly opposite of difficult decision to go lay down and watch Dance Moms. I didn't even get to finish Dance Moms because it was 2 hours (not complaining) and I was 2 NyQuil deep.

I then woke up to the sound of my step dog barking, crying, and panting with a massive thunderstorm on I somehow managed to drag myself into work in the wee hours WITHOUT coffee...which I still have yet to have.

Is it Friday yet?

Parnell heads off to Nashville this evening for Mike Celli aka soon to be brother in law's bachelor party.

I on the other hand will probably still be popping green liquid gels, eating cheese, and attempting to finish Dance Moms...I can smell your jealousy from here ok.

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