Raise your hand if you are tired...ok too. Per usual, this weekend was busy.  The Oak Cliff Film Festival was in town and Chase had a VIP badge situation going on so we took advantage. I met Chase Friday after work at Mesa...a MUST if you are already going to be out that way...and we totally liked it before D Magazine put it on the best 100 list ok.

I literally had to take a time out after one a fabulous way.

We ended up just going hard on know I love it.

I dream about that ceviche when I am not with it ok.

We left Mesa and walked across the street to the Texas Theatre for a "secret screening"...except everyone already knew what movie it was and one of the actors and the director were in the lobby...#thejigisup.  The movie was "Ain't Them Bodies Saints"...the title...I can't...but other than that it was really good. I kept hoping Caskey Affleck was going to make an appearance just to see what this Dallas place is all about...but no.  I mean big bro Ben is my #1 but I would dabble in some Casey.

There was a Q&A when the movie ended and I could NOT have had more tings for the terrible questions being asked.  If you don't have an intelligent question, drink your wine and keep your hand Whitney.

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