Ok so...the A/C is still out at the Kahn/Parnell can't. It is fingers crossed getting fixed today and if not...I will be in Allen, Texas hanging out with Wendy in her air conditioned home.

Last night while P was at the lake and I was suffering stuffing ice packs under my neck and knees (truth), I attempted to have dips for dinner in our sun room with the window unit blaring like woah.  The lack of cool air was totally ruining my dips consistency but did I dominate them anyway?  OBVI. I will spare you a picture of my cheese for dinner #beentheredonethat.  I also had a chance to catch up on my DVR.  I have three words...Pretty.Wicked.Moms.

If you aren't watching this yet...1) start 2) start like tonight.

Don't think I haven't been checking out Emily's inventory at skank Swank.

I guess I am a full-fledged skank (sorry mom) because I like a lot of the stuff.  Right? Anyone? Or am I in a skank/Swank corner all alone? Sue me but when Emily decided to "swank" out Meredith...I wanted pretty much every item she tried on...until the moment got awkward regarding her bout of amnesia at her wedding ok.

I feel like leading a slow clap for MyLifetime...and taking a trip to Atlanta...who's with me?

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