I mean I am sure Parnell and Mark had a fabulous time last weekend in San Antonio ok but I'm telling y'all...they could not wait for the car ride home on Sunday with the girls.
Said car ride began by getting gas two feet from the Yantis' like...not getting very far.  I am SO glad we stopped because Parnell bought me the most amazing gift...from the gas station...

No but seriously...I LOVE it.

We then got in the groove of things and decided to stop off at the San Marcos outlet mall...yes...
I was so well behaved and did not take out my credit card ONCE (I asked P for his and he said no...rude). I will say things would be different if we had a U-Haul with us...and the Pottery Barn outlet would have been a different story. As Diaz and I raced through, I noticed so many items on our registry were in the outlet.  Parnell then announced to Diaz and Mark that now would be a good time to get our gift and save some money...I can't.

While at the outlets, we decided to pop into Johnny Rockets.  I had Johnny Rockets back in the way way in junior high and high school when it was in the Galleria.  Well quite honestly I forgot about that little gem of a burger joint until our most recent trip to the Riviera Maya airport.  Parnell and I made a beeline for the counter (maxed out on fish tacos). We rarely agree on food but we were both in love ok. Upon returning to the U.S. I googled where the closest Johnny Rockets was...SPEEDZONE.  I draw the line ok...that JR/SpeedZone date had still yet to crappen so you know we were both thrilled when we talked the Hutchings into it at the outlets.

Like I'm sorry...nacho cheese on the fries? Ketchup faces? SOLD.

We left the outlets with full stomachs and a new Hartmann bag for Mark (rude) and headed out on the great adventure back to Dallas. Diaz and I had a fabulous post burger/veggie burger that we think had chicken in it nap.  I woke up to Parnell and Mark discussing the first aid kit in the back seat to assist with P's BLEEDING say what?

Yes ok.  How he did this we will never know. Once he was patched up and vital signs looked was time to celebrate DQ...because that's what I like about Texas.

After I finished my entire cone that I was "just going to have a little of" we had neared the end of our trip (sadly for the boys). Can't wait for the next road trip where I don't drive.

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